Eric Storm

March 13, 2003

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm just your average everyday rock star, just trying to get by. I live my life by three simple rules:
#1 Never play cards with a guy named after a city.
#2 When it comes to women, they are always right.
#3 Never get less than 12 hours sleep.
You follow that advice and everything else is cream cheese. Seriously though, I'm a very lucky person. I love music and few people in life get to do what they truly love, much less make a little money at it.

What got you interested in pursuing a musical career?

Like every musician, I heard some other group as a kid and went crazy. Growing up I was into a lot of different music from Motley Crue to Ozzy, you name it. My first real major influence was probably KISS. I'm a huge KISS fan. At one point I played a KISS medley with a group and blew fire at the end (check out the mpeg I'm not really into what they have become now, but they were a great band back when they were still a “band,” and not a “brand.”

You are quoted as having "the stage presence of Steven Tyler, the vocal range and talent of Robert Plant, and the charisma and sex appeal of Jim Morrison." Were these musicians an influence on you?

Robert Plant and Jim Morrison were.....not so much Steven Tyler, I think his name got thrown in by one of the spin-doctors at the label. I think guys like Plant and Morrison set the standard for what a singer/frontman should be. Plant has an amazing voice and stage presence and you just can't get any crazier than Jim Morrison's stage antics. Many have tried and fallen short.

Tell us about your EP "Measuring Stick For Cool."

It's basically a little two song ditty I released back in has four tracks on it; although I call it a two song CD now because it seems like everyone who reviews it tends to ignore the two live tracks: "Turn Me On" and "Cobain's Shotgun." The general consensus among the press is that since those tracks were recorded by former groups, they are not worth reviewing.....makes me wonder why we even put them on there!!! The two studio tracks, "Dreamer" and "Fade Into The New" were songs that didn't make the cut for my new CD Building a Rocket, but were too good to just throw away.

I understand that you sang on a song written by Jim Richey of The Pozers called "Turn Me On". What led to the collaboration?

I don't want to sound like a cliché (but I'm going to anyway); Jim and I go way back. I've known Jim for a long time. I played in Jim's band, "The Pozers," in 96-97. The song ("Turn Me On") you heard on my CD, "Measuring Stick for Cool" was a live track from the 96-97 tour that reeked havoc across this great land of ours. I also sang on the studio version of that song before I joined The Pozers. I left the band after 97 under the condition that I would stay with the same label and management. You see alot of people don't realize it, but being in The Pozers is like being in the mafia, Jim Richey is "The Don" of the group and you don't just leave. You either pursue a musical career outside of the band or go into the rock star relocation program. The last two guys that left the band are now in that very program: working as a mobile home repairman and a snake handler at the Dallas Zoo. But all kidding aside, Jim and I have worked together for years on various projects and will continue to work together in the future. In fact he is working with me on my new album.

I understand you are at work on a full-length album. Can you tell us a little about that?

Sure, it's called Building a Rocket and we are in the middle of "building" it as we speak. The release date is set for late this summer although I think a more realistic date is going to be early fall. The tunes on the new disc are a bit more modern sounding than what I have done in the past, not so much that it will turn off old fans but I think enough that I will garner some new fans. I think with this effort I can strike a middle ground between hard rock and power pop.....maybe even create a new genre....hard power rock pop.

Will you be doing some shows in the near future and if so when and where?

I've had moderate success in the U.S. (i.e.: I can still go into Block Buster without getting mauled LOL), but my greatest success has been in the European market. When it comes time for a major tour, it will be in Europe.

Have you released your DVD yet and can you tell us a little about that?

I wish someone could tell me a little bit about it!!! Every time I talk with "the powers that be" I get a different answer. Originally the DVD was going to be shot and released before Building a Rocket. It was suppose to include footage from past tours and a new music video from "Measuring Stick." Now the word I get is it will be shot and released after Building a Rocket and will include the same footage from past tours, but instead of a new music video from "Measuring Stick," a video from Building a Rocket will be produced. We'll may end up being some old home movies and my trip to summer camp.

Any other comments or ideas?

Oh Angela.....I could go on and on about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but I think I will save it for the book.

Eric Storm