Tezz & Rat - Discharge

September 29, 2003

You guys originally formed in 1977.

Tezz: Yeah, I'd say '78.

You guys started recording material in 1979. In 1982 Bones left the band and your band was without any of the original members?

Nah, actually in '82 there were three of the founding members. There are still three of us right now.

Why did you guys decide to get back together after all this time?

Because I had to set the record straight after what Calvin did with his heavy metal fiasco.

Why did he decide the change the musical direction of the band?

I don't know. I wasn't even around. I was living over here then. I was living in Chicago. I was playing with the band Ministry. I used to play guitar with them.

Your tour started on September 17th and one of your band members couldn't get into the country. How long is the tour?

We're actually finishing the tour on this American leg in four days.

How's it been going so far?

It's been going excellent. We've rekindled a lot of spirits.

Having a lot of people showing up at the shows?

Yeah, bringing people out of the woodwork.

I saw The Exploited the night before last. The place was packed.

We did some shows together in California. Ridiculous sized venues. Auditorium sized. When we were with The Exploited, we played this huge fucking stadium. It was ridiculous and we filmed it. So get your trousers off.

Hahaha. I was prepared for that.

Really? I wasn't.

Are you guys working on any new material?

Yeah, we've got a new album. It's called Discharge and it's on Sanctuary Records. It's a good record but when you do get a hold of it, it's too expensive to fucking buy anyway. It's over $25.00.

Is it a double CD?

No, it's fucking expensive, isn't it? Here, talk to Rat.

What's this about your new CD being $25.00?

Rat: Yeah, in the shops they're quite a bit so people aren't buying them, are they?

People bitch if they have to pay $18.00 for a CD.

Exactly. It's not to do with the band, it's the label. It's a large label. They charge what they want. We're going to go back and do some more stuff and do some new stuff. Maybe put a record out on a small label.

How long have you guys been with Sanctuary?

Not long. It's put Trojan out. They just put it out so not long at all.

Do they normally charge that much for their stuff?

I haven't got a clue luv. I bought it in England for 15 pounds so it's about $25.00, yeah. I actually played on the record. Cal played on the record. I had to go buy it to hear the songs.

You're handling the vocal duties.

I am now, yeah.

Did Cal refuse to tour?

Well, he just refused to do the old stuff as well which is the good stuff. Our new album is pretty good. It's the album we should have put out after him. He just won't do the songs that people want to hear but I will.

He didn't want to do any of the new stuff?

He didn't want to do anything. I don't know what his problem was. I was asked to do this six months ago and I said I'd do it if Calvin would do it. Calvin was going to do it and then he turned around and said no. That's six months wasted. He's just not interested. I'm doing it. I did a great job also.

So the tour's been going really good.

Yeah, it's been good. Just been trying to build it back up. People don't know what stuff is going to be played They're quite shocked when you go on and start out with "Fight Back". I'm a bit dubious but I know what it's going to be like. At the end of it, it's turned out pretty good. Good reports so we did a good job. Last show is tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

That was a short tour.

Yeah, but it's like testing the water again. We've been playing clubs for six weeks and gone through hell. If we just did two weeks of hell, it would be a lot easier to deal with. I know I've been out on the road for six weeks and America is a big place. It's the first tour we've done together so we decided to see how it goes and it's gone real well. Next year we'll come back and do a bigger one.

How long will you guys be out next year?

Who knows? It could be four weeks maybe. I don't think we'll go out for too long. It's a hard place to tour. It's a big country. England is very tiny. Just driving two hours is a long way for us.

Tours these days are pretty short.

It's hard work. We'll go out for four or five weeks and see how it goes.

Will this be after you guys release a new album?

We're going to go back and work on some new stuff with me doing the vocals. Put my mark on it rather while Cal's down basically. Something a bit more personal to me as well. It's leaving off from what we've done before. It would be good for me too.

Is your other band, The Varukers, still together?

Yeah, we're still together. We're the best band. We're still going. We were supposed to come out with something this year. I told the guys to write a new album and nothing got done. I didn't want to come up with the same old crap we did before. They did nothing so maybe next year.

Have to go home and kick them in the ass.

Yeah, definitely. I've got a lot of lyrics written and ready for Discharge. I've got lyrics written for Varukers. Soon as they come up with the music we'll put it together.

Are you guys touring when you get back to England?

Doing some festivals. Doing a festival in Germany. The Varukers are playing a festival in London in October. Got a couple in the States as well so we're still going. Still doing things.

Metallica covered a couple of Discharge songs on Garage Days Re-revisited.

Yeah, they covered a couple of songs.

Well, I hope to see you guys in Texas next year.

We'll come to Texas.