Erik Turner - Warrant

July 16, 2003

How has the tour been so far?

It's been great. We've done a handful of shows. The crowd's been great. It's really cool to be out with Whitesnake and Kip Winger and Slaughter. Been playing some really big places so we're looking forward to definitely coming to Dallas. One of my favorite places to play.

You guys come to see us here a lot. Do ya'll just love this city or what?

Yeah, it's one of the major cities. We like to hit those. Last year I think we were at the Bronco Bowl. The year before that we were with Poison I believe at the Smirnoff Music Center.

You even showed up at the Hard Rock Cafe one time.

That's right. I remember that one.

What kind of a setlist are you guys doing?

Well, it's scaled back a little bit because we have 45 minutes so we're doing the hits. "Down Boys", "Cherry Pie", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Heaven", "I Saw Red". We'd like to throw a few surprises here and there by the time we get to Dallas. That's about it.

Some folks were hoping they'd hear some of the harder shit.

Well, they're going to hear it. I know that we got a couple of other songs that I'm going to have you be surprised by but you'll hear it when you see it. Some stuff off Dog Eat Dog.

Cool deal. That's what some people were saying they wanted to hear. Can you tell me about your new drummer, Kevan?

Kevan Phares. He's from Akron, Ohio. Played in Jani's solo band. He did a tour with Jani and Jani liked him so much, he just decided to make a move and go with Kevan.

Are you guys coming out with any new studio material?

We have a whole bunch of songs written, ready to go. We just have to get everybody together after this summer is over in the studio to do it for good. Last year we didn't because Jani took that time to do his solo record. I think that the word is that we're going to go to Europe for a little bit and then come back in the springtime and release a real record.

Yeah, it's real wild with you guys living in different areas.

Oh, I know. Jani now lives in Ohio. Maybe the whole band's got to move to Ohio now.

How's his new solo album doing?

It's doing really good. He's got a couple of deals over in Europe and we're selling it at the show. You can buy the Warrant Under The Influence or Jani Lane's Back Down To One CDs at each show. It's a really good mix of pop songs on Jani's CD so you'd probably like to pick that up.

Cool deal. A friend of mine said you were working on your own website.

Well, I do website design and there's a lot of stuff that's kind of all on hold now that I'm out on the road right now. Kind of hard with all the traveling and all the golfing I need to do.

Yes, that's very important. Any other ideas or thoughts?

Well, just everybody come out early. Make sure they catch Slaughter and Kip Winger. We go on before Whitesnake. Stick around, Whitesnake's a good show. I think it's a great package and I definitely want to let everybody know in Dallas that Dallas is one of our favorite places.

Erik Turner