Brian Weaver - Silvertide

March 15, 2003

Tell me about the guys in the band and how you all got together.

Walt's the singer, Mark's the rhythm guitar player, and Kevin's the drummer. I guess it all started about two years ago. Kevin and Nick were going to high school together and Mark, Walt, and I were going to a different high school about 15 minutes down the road. I had actually graduated a year before but Mark and Walt were in their senior year at the time and they started playing together and became friends. Just playing some songs together acoustically, writing songs, and figuring out some songs from an album that they had. Nick and Kevin were doing the same thing. I guess they were all at an open mic one night and played a set at different times during the night. They saw each other and decided to get together and start a band. I had grown up down the street from Mark and I knew Walt in high school for a little bit. They went through a few bass players and then I guess two months later Mark gave me a call and said "we're in a band and we're getting some gigs and we need a bass player." I came in and we started doing that. Then things just started to take off. We started getting a lot more shows and we had a weekly gig at South Street Club in Philly. We ended up getting some cool opening slots. The first big one we did was opening a side stage show in the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ right outside of Philly for Aerosmith. Right before that a demo was done to pass around to all the labels and that had gotten a guy to start managing us. He passed the demo around to all the labels but once we did that show, opening for Aerosmith, was when the buzz started happening in Philly where we started getting a lot more people at shows and we started to really build our fanbase. After that point we started getting labels coming down to our shows and then we met from J Records who is now our A&R guy. He saw our show and then took us up to New York to do a showcase for Clive Davis and the rest of J Records. They actually rented out Don Hills, a club in New York. Got a bus for us to bus up 50 of our fans so it was actually a cool showcase. Had all our fans in. Clive was there. A few weeks later Clive came down to a show in Philly. Right from the beginning we knew once meeting James and Clive and the rest of the people from J Records that they were the record company that we wanted to be with. They shared our vision for what we wanted and helped us grow as a band. You think long term because that's really what we want our career to be. Long term. Other than that, we did an EP and that's out right now. It's actually going to be re-released in a lot bigger market. It should be everywhere in America. Right now it's hard to find in stores but it's being re-released on Tuesday. We're in Austin, TX right now doing the SXSW music conference and then back to Los Angeles. We just flew in two days ago from Los Angeles where we're doing our new record. We're flying back there tomorrow to finish. Should be done in about a month.

How did you guys land the opportunity to open for Aerosmith?

I guess a buzz started happening with promoters in Philly when they started hearing the name Silvertide. It was actually very funny. The show was to be the day after September 11th so it got canceled and pushed back a week. The band that was supposed to do that show ended up having to leave the tour because that was the end of the tour. The makeup show needed another band to do it. One day we had our weekly Thursday night gig and the promoter of the show called our manager that day and said "we hear things are going well for Silvertide. We hear their name a lot so would they be able to play the show tonight?" About two hours before the show we all got a call. "Can you be at the Tweeter Center in an hour to open for Aerosmith?" It was really a last minute thing and it was a really big surprise. It was the biggest thing we'd ever done at that point. We all jumped at the chance and ran over there. We had to leave right after we played to go to the other gig. That was the first time that the other club that we'd always played was packed because people had already heard about that earlier that night.

Who are some of your musical influences?

It's pretty wide. It's a broad spectrum. We all grew up listening to rock and roll. There's other things like that base of '60s and '70s rock. Later we all got into other things like folk music and a lot of R&B and a lot of cool stuff. Anything that's really just good. Anything that has a great melody, great groove, we take it. Anything that we like to hear, anything that catches our ear, it doesn't even have to be rock. Basically it's a lot of rock and roll. Anything that's good is something that influences us.

Tell us a little bit about your EP, "American Excess".

"Mary Jane", the first track, was written about almost over a year ago now. It was written in the beginning stages of the band, maybe six months into it. It's basically a song that is open to interpretation. You can listen to it and however that makes you feel. If it maybe reminds you of a relationship, that's cool. If it reminds you of anything else, that's cool. "Beware" and "To See Where I Hide" were written after we moved into a band house. We moved into a band house about a month or two after we signed our record deal. A lot of the songs were written then while we were in that house together. Just living together and trying to become a lot closer as a band and getting to know each other a lot more and just playing all the time. Those two songs are probably the first two songs that we wrote together while we were in that house. It was a great experience being in there. Got a lot of great songs out of it. The EP was done while we were living in that house. Those two songs were just a reminder of that house. "To See Where I Hide" is a song that's about addiction. Looking at people who are addicted to things. Somebody can be addicted to cigarettes or somebody could be addicted to drugs. You could drop that but in a way it always comes back to you. If you go back to it, it'll just come back and get you where you left off. It's a good reminder of those times.

I bet. You said your full length CD is going to be done in about a month?

We'll be done recording in about three weeks and it should be ready for release sometime in the summer.

Is it going to have the three tracks from the EP on it?

We're recording about 15 songs. It's going to have 12 songs on the album. It'll have at least one of those songs on it, maybe two. We're not sure which ones yet.

How's the SXSW conference going so far?

The shows have been great. We did a show last night and we did a show in Los Angeles on Monday. Before that, the last time we played was right after New Year's in Philly because we've been working on this album. The shows have been great. That's our thing, playing live. The thing that we love to do and that's what we really try to capture on the EP and on the album, that live essence of the band. People who come to the shows, it's a live experience and it's a lot of fun for us. It's a lot of fun for the people who come out.

What can people expect to see at a live show if they haven't seen you before?

A good time. They can expect it to be really loud first of all. They can expect to see our energy. It's our favorite thing to do. Whenever we get up on stage, we just have so much energy. We just want to give everything we've got. Basically they're getting to see everything we have when we're on stage. We just hope everybody digs it.

Any other comments?

Look for the album coming out. The EP should be out. Hope they have it. If they can't find it, it will definitely be somewhere they can find it on this coming Tuesday. The album is sounding great so far as what we've done. It should be out sometime in the summer.