Andy Williams - Every Time I Die

September 20, 2005

Tell me how the tour has been going.

Amazing. We did the Sounds Of The Underground tour this summer and that was kind of weird. It was the same everywhere we went. No matter where we played, if it was in Texas or in Arkansas or Chicago, it was just the same because you were playing in a parking lot no matter where you were.

It was a total parking lot thing.

Yeah, yeah. You wake up at the same time, you go to bed at the same time, you eat at the same time.

You actually go to bed.

Yeah, yeah. On this tour no but normally yes. On this tour I haven't slept all that much. I think it's just because I can't sleep. Not from partying or anything like that but I just can't sleep.

It would sound a lot better if it was from partying.

Yeah, yeah. Actually it was from partying.

You guys came out with a new CD so tell me a bit about it.

Gutter Phenomenon. God I really don't know how to explain our music. It's a lot more rock swagger than usual. On the other records we were doing the riff after riff after riff after riff thing. Now we wrote actual songs with riff, riff, riff in it and they actually just tied together and makes sense.

What kind of theme do you guys have going with this one?

Not really a theme. We just basically wanted to write a record that was real. Nowadays there is so much stuff coming out that it seems like people aren't writing music for the fact of writing music. They're just doing it because they want to get chicks.

People still do that?

Yeah, yeah. They want the perks that go along with it. They don't get off on just writing music. That's basically what we did. We just wanted to write whatever came to mind and whatever we wanted to. We weren't thinking about anything when we were writing it. It was basically let's write a kickass record. Boom. That was it.

And if you get some chicks in addition to it, that's alright too.

Yeah, yeah. Fringe benefits.

How do you feel that this CD differs from the last one?

Just songwriting was the most important thing. It's just written better. We figured out what a chorus was. None of us ever took lessons for anything that we're playing so it's basically let's write a record and we'll actually learn what a verse is. We'll actually learn what a chorus is and what a bridge is and stuff like that. We actually did that. We actually wrote all these songs and they actually have verses and choruses. It was just weird at practice when we're writing the stuff and we'd look over and "dude, repeat the verse" and we're like "what dude? Did you just say that?" Yeah. All right cool. That's how the song was. We actually wrote songs. It was weird. We never wrote songs before. It was always sick riff, sick riff, sick riff, sick breakdown, sick riff. That's how we described our music. So bad.

As you do each consecutive album, you improve a little bit more.

Yeah, exactly. That's the biggest thing now. Everyone is saying that we keep changing our music from record to record but the thing is, why would you want a band that you listen to write the same record over and over and over again? It just seems like it would be boring. You would hear the same shit over and over again where us, I guess we keep evolving which is a good thing in our minds. I don't know if it's a good thing in everyone else's mind but for us, we're going to keep evolving.

For some bands that works. AC/DC can write the same record a million times and that works for them but that might not work for you guys. You guys might want to say hey, let's do something different and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Not at all. Exactly. That's where we are. As long as kids keep coming to the shows I guess we're doing something right.

You got a good long line out there. Who all is touring with you guys?

It's us, High On Fire is the main support, The Chariot, and The Red Chord. I think The Chariot leaves the tour in San Diego which is the 24th or 25th. On the 26th The Esoteric comes on and they play the rest of the tour. We wanted to make a tour that was really eclectic. We wanted to make different kinds of music. Most of these kids out here would probably never listen to High On Fire. Now they're going to be exposed to the band.

If they were at Sounds Of The Underground they saw them.

Yeah, yeah exactly. The thing is with Sounds Of The Underground, you only have a 20 minute set if that. 15 minutes sometimes. You're up there and you're off before kids can even pay attention. On this, everyone gets a full set and every band is different. The Red Chord is a grind band. They play really fast. The Chariot is like watching a bomb go off. They're flying around, they're throwing their equipment, there's feedback. Then there's us and I don't know what the hell we are. High On Fire is like the new Motorhead so every band sounds different and they all bring something to the table. It makes for a fun time.

Yeah, I think that's cool too. What I was really impressed with was the Megadeth Gigantour thing where he had all these different people. That was so cool because he got that idea from over in Europe. He was saying here in the United States when they do these festival things, they get all the same kind of bands. In Europe they mix and match like crazy and I think that's cool.

Yeah, we just got back from Europe. We played with Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, The Bravery. Social Distortion played, us. It was just weird.

It was all these different types of bands. It's cool because you don't know what's going to come on next.

We played with REM this summer in Europe. What? Every Time I Die. REM. It's weird but it's fun. I never understood that about the United States in festivals. Coachella is the only thing that's close to that. Coachella is in California. It's a huge festival and it's got every single kind of band you could think of. It draws more people than any other festival in the United States. It's a huge festival and then you have your touring festivals which are just kind of mundane. They have the same exact bands. You could see the exact same band over and over again and there's 12 names on the flyer but it sounds like the same band every single time.

I liked the way they put together Sounds Of The Underground including GWAR. That was awesome.

I think that tour would have failed miserably if GWAR hadn't been on it.

Especially here in Dallas when they brought that electrical storm on. That was classic.

Yeah, yeah. It was great. It's just classic to have a band like that. Especially a band that has been around that long. Never got asked to do Ozzfest. Never got asked to do anything like that. Just bullshit. That band should have been on Ozzfest when it first started but no one ever thought about asking them. Or Warped tour. That band would do great on Warped tour. It would do good on any tour. Never got asked. That band deserves to be respected with Slayer and stuff like that. They've been around just as long.

They have the balls to touch subjects that everybody else shies away from. They can cut off the head of a George Bush dummy.

We got to see some of those guys in Virginia when we played there and the stuff they have planned coming up. They have their 20th anniversary tour coming up. The shit they have planned for it is absolutely ridiculous. The stuff they were telling me was they're going to kill Sharon Osbourne on stage and it's going to be pretty awesome. Pretty funny.

That's what I love about them. They're fun.

Yeah, they can do anything and get away with it. It's awesome. I'd love to be at that point. That's like a serious career goal of mine. Where we can literally get away with anything.

Just come up with all sorts of crazy shit. How much longer does this tour run for?

Until October 7. Then we hop on with It Dies Today and this band called Haste The Day and A Life Once Lost. I think that's a two and a half week tour. Then we get done with that and we go overseas with My Chemical Romance. I think it's 15 days in Europe.

That's a different kind of band.

Yeah, yeah. You want to know something? Everyone gives them shit about they're part of the whole sellout crowd and everything. That band didn't have a producer. No one wrote those songs for them. They wrote the songs. I give them all the credit in the world because they thought of that stuff and it's taking off. That's awesome. We do that and then we go to Australia and then we come home for the holidays. We finally get to see our houses and our families and our dogs.

Someone I interviewed from Evergreen Terrace bought a house and got to see it for one day and then he had to go out on the road.

Willy from Lamb Of God bought a house on tour.

You guys have been out for a little bit. Is this one of your longer tours?

It's pretty long. It's not the longest we've ever done but it's definitely longer. It's a month and a half or something like that. It takes a toll especially because we go straight back out I think. There's no day off. We go back out on tour so we're literally going to be gone for two months. Whatever. I don't have much back home so this is what I have. This is what I do. I'm out. I'm the dude that always wants to tour, let's go. Everyone else has girlfriends and stuff. They're like "dude, we're going to chill out." No, we've got to work.

It's a cool thing to do while you're young. You can see all these places so it makes it so worthwhile.

Unless you're Joe Preston on the other hand. You've seen everything and done everything.

It's time for a retour. What else do you guys have coming up? Any videos?

We filmed the video for "Kill The Music" and we have Michael Madsen in it from Kill Bill and various other movies. Donnie Barasco and we did that video. In January I think we're going to film another one for the song called "New Black" and I'm in the process of writing the video now. I put together the "Kill The Music" video too. That one that we just did. It came out actually the way I wanted it to come out. It's weird because I've talked to different directors and they said that half the time they become happy with the ones they write. I just wrote it and then gave it to a director and he went with it. I'm happy with it.

That's pretty cool if something comes out the way you want it to.

Yeah, yeah. Exactly. I just got asked actually from another band to do their video which is pretty awesome. That band, Horse The Band. That's a good band. They're a weird band but I love them. I like the band and the music but they're weird. They've got a different sound.

So now you're going to write other people's videos.

Yeah, yeah. It's one of my dreams so it's awesome if it actually works out and pans out for me. Who knows if it's going to. If I can make a living doing it, it would be great.

You've got a lot of interesting tattoos. Do your tattoos represent significant things that go on in your life?

Not really. I like biker tattoos. I like things that look like biker tattoos. I like flash art. Really, none of them mean anything to me. They just all look cool I guess. I have a Grim Reaper footing rats on this arm. I have a snake on my ass. I have a unicorn on my calf. If it looks cool, I'll get it tattooed on me. Probably going to get a neck tat sooner or later.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Check us out on tour if you're reading this. Come out and check us out on the Good Music For Bad People tour. We're going to be playing with It Dies Today after this. Come out and check that out. Check out the record.

Every Time I Die