Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society

July 31, 2001

For the uninitiated and uninformed, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Irish-German. I like to drink and the fuck the living shit out of my wife.

Hey, that's great.

I play guitar sometimes too.

You manage to fit that in?

Yeah. I lift weights and I clean dogshit. I drop my kids to and from school. That's my life.

How many kids do you have?

Two. Working on another one. The working part of it is fun.

It always is. Especially the practice part. Who are some of your musical influences?

Black Sabbath obviously. Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix. Guitarwise, same guys. Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Moreno, Alvin Meola, Robin Trower. People like that.

Who are some of the bands you've played with?

You figure Ozzy. I started playing with him when I was 19. You figure Ozzy. That was the only band I was in until I did Pride And Glory. I was in a cover band called Lynyrd Skynhead. Then I got my own band, Black Label Society, now.

How did Black Label Society get started and where does that name spring from?

With Pride And Glory, my wife said it's like beer music. It's good beer drinking music. Then when we started doing Black Label, it was heavier. What's the fucking hard alcohol? I wanted to call it Black Something Society. My wife was like "well what's the hard liquor"? Black Label. Johnny Walker Black Label. It was like "alright, well fuck, go with that". Which means supreme anyway.

What kind of gear do you endorse and why?

Sierra Nevada kicks ass. They don't make a bass here.

What do you think of the musical climate today?

Actually I'm listening to the new Stone Temple Pilots Record. It's fucking awesome.

That's what everyone keeps telling me.

Get it. It's fucking great.

How's the tour been going so far with Ozzfest and how did you get hooked up with that?

I'm working with Ozzy on his new record and stuff like that. My wife and Sharon got together and they invited us on the tour. Working on Ozzy's new record and everything like that, they were just like "well you guys want to go out and do the Ozzfest with Black Label"? I was like oh fuck yeah.

Are you guys working on the album as you're touring?

Nah. There's no time for that. As soon as we get done with Ozzfest, we're going to go back to the studio and start working on the new record.

You've played on a number of his CDs. What's it like to work with him and is that a dream come true for you?

Oh without a doubt. He's the fucking coolest. It's never boring. Put it that way.

I bet it isn't. Tell us about your new CD.

Alcohol Fueled Fucking Brutality Live? It's got a bunch of fucking shit that's heavy as fuck on it. Then you've got the other CD so when you want to go to bed at night, you have a couple of coldies, and fucking, you want to wind it down, you go to sleep. It's got acoustic songs on it as well.

Can you tell us about your other CD?

Oh yeah. It's heavy as fuck.

Are there any particular songs on that?

It's good music to fight, drink, and fuck to. That pretty much sums up the musical material.

I take it alcohol and fucking play a big role in your creative process.

Yeah without a doubt. I come up with a lot of my songs while I'm fucking my wife.

Oh wait a minute honey, I just thought of a new line. I read on your website that you'd like to open your own beer brewing company. Being a lover of beer myself, that kind of got my interest.

Yeah I'll make more money doing that than I will doing fucking music.

Yeah that's true. Beer will never go out of style.

Exactly. The demand is bigger, you know what I mean?

Are you a big wrestling fan?

Yeah definitely. I'm just a big sports fan overall. I love baseball, football, wrestling. Boxing.

Your website says that your drummer's responsible for all the tattoo artwork in the CD booklet. Is he into tattoos?

Phil did all the artwork in the garage at my house. Just sitting out there drinking beer and sitting down drawing. He's a good artist and he's a tattoo artist.

So that's what he does on the side when he's not playing?

Yeah. Phil's not with us right now. We got another guy, Craig Nunenmacher, playing drums with us right now.

I understand you're in the movie "Metal God"? Can you tell us a little about that movie?

Yeah. I had a great time making it. I've done rock videos. Same shit. Mark Wahlberg's a really good guy. Everybody in the cast, the crew, everybody, I had a fucking great time making the movie. Everybody was kickass. Was drinking beer on the set all day. Fucking playing guitar so I'm not going to complain. "Life really sucks".

Yeah I can tell. You also created the soundtrack?

Yeah. They had a bunch of existing songs. I played on that. I wrote a song for the movie. I don't know if it'll be on the soundtrack. I think Trevor Rabe and I think the guy used to be with Guess, he's scoring the movie. The actual soundtrack, the songs that were existing, was me, Jason Bonham, and Jeff Pilson.

You mentioned you were going to be doing another album with Ozzy soon. When can we expect to see that?

Probably I guess October it's supposed to come out. I don't how that's going to fuck happen. It's supposed to come out.

Any other future projects?

Yeah. Fucking my wife. Working on a new record. Either finish Ozzy's record or...we're supposed to go out on tour I guess. That's what the word is. We start October, November, December, and January we're supposed to tour.

Any other comments?

Nah. I'm gonna go drink some beer now.

Black Label Society