Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society

September 11, 2003

What's the lineup of Black Label Society?

The great thing about the band is, it's a circus. It's a big ball. Everybody can come and go as they please and do what they have to do. Once you put those colors on, you're always a brother so it doesn't matter. It's like the Marines. Once you're a Marine, you're a Marine for life. That's about it. In the lineup right now, on the DVD we have Robert Turillo. We have Roberto playing. That was the Detroit chapter. We went out there. Robert's playing with Metallica now so he's out there kicking ass with the guys. Robert's from the Los Angeles chapter so for that specific tour, that lineup that we did, was Robert, Craig from the New Orleans, Nick from the Pittsburgh chapter, and myself from the Los Angeles chapter. We had Mike Inez when we went over to Japan. Mike came back out on the road. Mike Inez from Alice In Chains and Ozzy. Mike did that tour when we went over there and Mike's from the Los Angeles chapter. The beauty of it is, everybody can come and go and do what they have to do. With Black Label Society I'm always going to be writing all the stuff and being the creative force behind it. The whole band, I'm not going to deprive anybody of doing their own thing. It would be like Ozzy telling me he doesn't want me doing Black Label Society. Which is a cool thing. When you're in a band situation sometimes, it really turns into a stupid, goofy thing where it's just like "oh, you're playing with them?" It's almost like "you know what? I'm married. I don't need this drama in my fucking life. I've got enough bullshit going on, all right? I don't need more fucking shit in my fucking life." It's a comedy.

How did Ozzfest go?

It was kickass. There were a couple of points where Ozzy's voice, he was getting cortisone shots in his neck just for his throat and we only canceled about two shows on the whole thing. Considering how many fucking shows we've been doing, it's amazing. We had a fucking blast on the tour. How could you not?

Your latest release is Blessed Hellride.

It's just another batch of fucking Black Label Society brutality. I can't stand it when bands fucking say it's the best thing they've done. It's like what's your favorite Black Sabbath record? It depends on what mood you're in. What's your favorite Led Zeppelin record. Well, I've heard Zeppelin II enough to last me a lifetime. Put on Presence. It's just another batch of fucking Black Label Society. It's just like another keg. Kegs work for fucking Black Label. More brutality. More fucking violence and fucking high octane fucking bazooka fucking material. It's just another fucking day at the fucking office.

You did an instructional video.

Yeah, I did one called Hard-core, Volume 1. I plan on probably doing another one. So hopefully the kids won't be fucking scratching records. They'll be fucking playing an instrument for crissakes. Actually I've got the instructional video to scratch records. Basically what I do, I just fucking throw them up against the fucking wall. That's how I scratch records. Pretty soon I'll be in 50 Cent's band. I'm working on my skills.

In case you ever need another job.

Yeah, if I'm not sticking my tongue up Barbara Ann's ass or fucking cleaning up Rottweiler shit, I'll be scratching for fucking 50 Cent. Ah Christ, shoot me now.

You came out with your DVD, Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned.

It's about my life with my wife. When you're married with three kids and the Al Bundy of metal, you can't come up with a better title than that one. Do you think I like drinking? No, it's because I have to. To fucking survive this life.

The band, crowd, and crew managed to empty the club of it's last drop of beer. Now that's what I call talent.

Without a doubt. The Detroit chapter is out of their fucking minds. If you wanted some of that shit on a DVD, all I remember is I told our tour manager Ted to go grab some beer because we were all out of beer on the bus. Just buy two cases from the club. He came back out and said there's no booze left. I said it's a club. It's a bar, right? Then he goes "maybe you ought to clean the shit out of your fucking ears, asshole. I just told you there's nothing left in the fucking club." I asked him if he was joking. He goes "no. There's nothing left. Nothing." Everything was gone. All the booze, everything. No beer, no hard alcohol. I told him well get some Crown Royal and we'll have Crown Royal and gingerale. Nothing in the club.

Damn, that club must have been happy.

We had a fucking good time that night, that's fucking safe to say.

The one and only time that Harpo's ran out of booze.

It's a Black Label Society crowd. They like their booze, let me put it that way.

Rob Zombie directed your "Stillborn" video.

Yes, he did. It's on that fucking DVD. Rob did an asskicking job. We're going to do another video for "The Blessed Hellride".

Is he directing that one as well?

Yeah, Rob's going to do it.

Did he do the "Counterfeit God" one as well or was that someone else?

Nah, that was my buddy Dave who ended up doing that one. He works for Fox Sports West and he's busting his ass doing that. He's over in Atlanta right now. We had Mark Wahlberg in that video. That was a comedy because Mark never knew anything about the real life of that Rockstar movie.

I finally watched that movie.

There's some comedy lying around in that thing, I'll tell you that much. When they were making that I was like you're kidding me. We had a good time making it though. Mark's a good guy. He's good people. Everything was cool.

You guys are doing a UK and European tour in October and November.

Yeah, we're scheduled to do that and then after that we come back and we're supposed to do the States. We're supposed to do an evening with Ozzy type thing. A real small type thing. We'll see what happens.

93X in Minneapolis is doing Best Guitarist and want people to go vote for that. Think you'll win?

I'll vote for Dimebag. I'll put my vote in for Dime. He's a hometown hero anyway without a doubt.

What's going on with Pantera anyway? I never go to a show without seeing Dimebag or Vinnie.

Dime and Vinnie are working on their new thing. They're coming up with a bunch of different names. New found power is their motto. Like their credo. I heard some of their new shit. It sounds fucking splendid. They're working on their thing and they're doing what they have to do. They're mixing the record. If it were up to the guys, they'd do Pantera. It's like being in The Rolling Stones. Keith Richards just said you don't leave The Stones. The only way you leave The Stones is in a body bag.

Like being in the Mafia.

It takes so long to create and nurture something. What's the sense in leaving it? It'd be like me not playing with Ozzy. Obviously Black Label Society is my thing. Obviously there's going to come a point where Ozzy's going to say "Zakk, I don't want to tour anymore. I've done it. You're on your own now." You can either give people the fish or teach people how to fish. With Ozzy, he's talking "eventually son, you're going to be on your own." Like when he calls me up and goes "Zakk, you want to do another record?" It's like "no, I'm just doing Black Label now." Obviously I'm always going to be there for him. Why wouldn't I? What's the point in not doing it? The situation with Phil and the guys, it's like everybody can do what they want to do but let's just keep Pantera together. I told Dime to just kick some fucking ass. He's a musician. The good Lord put him down here to whip some ass so fucking do it.

You might as well live your life to the fullest because you only get one shot.

Exactly. Instead of waiting around for the guys, that's what he's doing. New Found Power. The stuff they're doing is obviously going to sound Panteraesque because who do you think wrote all the riffs and all that shit? The stuff that Dime's doing sounds fucking asskicking anyway.

That will be interesting to hear when it comes out. Tell us about your in-store appearance in Rhode Island and your guitar giveaway.

Actually it was cool. We did one in Massachusetts. The Station where Great White played burned down and that was a fucking tragedy. The guys in Great White, you don't plan on doing a show where you're going to kill everybody. That fucking sucked. I met Jack Russell. He's a real sweet guy. He's a nice guy. They wouldn't want to fucking hurt anybody. Everybody was trying to have a good time. We ended up taking one of my guitars that I signed and raising money for them. We ended up raising something like fucking $8,000 or $10,000. Then we had Ozzy sign it and then fucking the rest of the guys on Ozzfest. Who knows how much fucking money they're going to raise for all the families. For everybody that got fucked up.

Probably going to run in the hundreds of thousands.

Hopefully. I know with Ozzy's signature on it and fucking everybody else on the fucking Ozzfest.

Someone won the guitar and then donated it again.

Yeah, that's what happened. He donated it again and said if they could fucking sign it. We raised a check for something like $6,000 or $8,000 or $10,000. He said if they could get the rest of the guys on the Ozzfest to fucking sign it, we'll sell it again. The guy who actually bought it. That was fucking asskicking. I met a couple of the guys who were there and it was like holy shit. It's heartbreaking.

I've always loved Great White. I've always gone to see them when they came to town.

They're good guys. The last thing they wanted to do was go down to a gig and fucking kill people. All they wanted to do is just fucking have a good time with everybody and go home and do what you fucking have to do. Wake up the next day, you have to go to work.

There's a lot of weird shit going on with the guys who own that club.

It sucks. It's a shitty situation for everybody now. The only thing you can do to make it right is just fucking raise money and just try and help everybody out.

Raise awareness about using pyro.

I have to be honest with you. I never have fucking pyro. Use strobe lights.

Basically what matters is the music.

It's the music. It's cool if you're playing in a big venue like Ozzy. We actually did a show and this band came out. They were a KISS tribute band. This fucking band had pyro and everything and it was one of the most mind-blowing shows I've ever seen in my life. It was a cover band. They fucking blew us off the stage. They blew Black Label Society right off the fucking stage. Pyro, blowing fire, and I was like holy shit. I was like we got nothing on these guys. Those KISS tribute bands, when they come out they have the fucking makeup, the fucking outfits, and the whole nine yards. It's fucking hysterical. We loved it. I was laughing my fucking balls off the whole fucking time. They were fucking great.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Tell the Dallas chapter to keep bleeding Black Label and fucking stay strong.

Zakk Wylde