Brandon Bolmer, Richie Ochoa, & Jamie Ethridge - Yesterday's Rising

June 24, 2005

I attended the Warped Tour when it came to Dallas and a bunch of us media type folks did a press conference style interview with these three boys. Here are the questions we asked and the answers we received.

You guys are fairly young, correct me if I'm wrong. Your ages are under 18, right?

17 through 20 now.

By being so young, it's a pretty big deal. This isn't even your first Warped Tour, it's your second one. Especially with all the emerging bands in California, you are the young guns, so what would you say is responsible for your success? Why are you different than everybody else?

I don't know. I think we try to make our live show different. We try to have as much energy as possible. It's really hard on this tour. It gets really hot. We try not to pass out but I think it's mostly the live show. We try to have a lot of energy and I don't know. I guess we're just ourselves. There isn't really an attempt to be different but I guess it's natural.

We have a lot of musicians who listen to our show and watch it. Are you guys sponsored by anybody gear wise?

Gear wise we have, well for me for guitars, Schecter guitars, Ernie Ball strings. We have Remo heads. That's it for equipment. We have Rocket Clothing.

You guys are coming out with a new record called Lightworker.,p> 13 tracks. It's actually 12. One is a bonus track. Compared to our last EP, I'd say it's a lot more diverse than before. There are a lot more different sounds on the record as opposed to hearing a record that's the same all the way through. We wanted to have kind of like a story instead of just a bunch of songs.

Is it conceptual?

Somewhat. Most of the songs are basically about just bettering yourself as a person. The title Lightworker, the first part of the word, light, refers to light as in knowledge. Worker describes a person who wants to learn the most and they strive towards knowledge in their life. They learn as much as they can and whatever they experience. That's what a lot of the songs are about. Just bettering yourself. I guess that can be a concept.

It's also being released by Fearless Records. How did you get signed to them?

I think they actually just saw us at a little bar show once. Bob the owner saw us. They came down to one of our practices. We practiced in a little ass room. They saw us practicing in little bars and little rooms.

Is that the first label you guys have been signed to?


How did you get the name Yesterday's Rising?

We always wanted to mess around a bit and see if we could make some pretty neat names out of it with some crazy meaning. It actually doesn't really mean anything. It's just something that we thought represents us. It's actually our old bass player that was in a band before that. He was going to start a band and wanted it to be called that so he brought that to the table when we were thinking of names. There's no meaning.

You guys had a day off yesterday. How did you spend that?

In the Jacuzzi. We just rested and tried to stay cool. Tried to stay fresh. We took showers.

Do you guys have any tours coming up after this one?

Right now I donít know. As of right now we just have Warped Tour. We want to tour. We want to come back and we donít want anybody to get bored. We want to come back and keep the buzz.

This is your second Warped Tour. How would you say it compares to the previous one that you did?

Iíd say itís a lot more comfortable just knowing more people. Making more friends. Other than that, itís the same blast. Party. Itís cooler because youíre in different areas this year. A lot of the places we played, I feel like I donít remember playing there. The bands seem to be really interesting to watch. There are a lot of good bands this year. Itís just cool because we knew what to expect this year. Last year we had no idea what Warped Tour was going to be like. Itís a lot more fun this year. It was fun last year of course but this year itís a blast so far.

Howís the tour been going so far?

Itís been awesome. Itís been a little hot. There was a little bit of a rough start. We missed our second date. We had van problems and got lost. The typical van.

Whatís your driving music?

Queens Of The Stone Age, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Deftones. We donít have very many CDs. We didnít take a lot. We had a book last year that we brought with us to Canada on one tour. It had 1,800 CDs and it got stolen. We called it our Bible. After it got jacked, we didnít want to start over. Weíve been getting bandsí CDs that are actually on the tour. Weíre checking that out. We have Gatsbyís American Dream. Theyíre on our record label. We donít have a wide selection.

How would you describe your band in three words?

Diverse, energetic, and emotional. I think itís boring to play a song just to play a song. Not actually feel it. We try to get that out every time.

Are there any places you played last year that you were stoked about?

Canada. We did really well last year especially for never being there. Southern California for sure. Texas too actually. We did really good last year too.

Do you have a favorite song from your new album?

Yeah, the title track on the CD. I like them all but I like number 12, itís called ďLet UsĒ, just because itís really different from anything weíve done before. Yet it still has the same heaviness. Just done a little differently but I like that song. Track 10 is good. I like all of them.

When you guys write, is it a collaborative effort?

For sure, yeah. We obviously get together or someone will come to the table with a part and weíll all sit there and try to write our own parts. We donít tell anybody what to do. Itís all natural. We have a weird style of writing. Sometimes itíll take us two weeks to write one song. Sometimes two or three songs a day. It trips me out. We never really had a writing style I guess you could say. Everything is just always natural. Sometimes we write a couple of songs every day or at least the basis of the song.

What goes through your heads when you write?

I donít know. I normally write all my lyrics late at night just because there are less things to think about. Itís quiet and calm.

We have a lot of brand new bands like garage bands. What kind of advice would you give them about getting out there?

Promote, promote, promote. Play a lot of shows. Play anything you can no matter what or whereís it at. Even the coffee shops because those are the best shows. Itís so personal and better. Play a lot of those and practice a lot wherever. Just be kind to everybody because karma is out there. I would say try to have everything natural. I would also say if youíre an upcoming band, if someone asks you what you sound like...well, itís really hard to describe your band these days. There are so many styles floating around. I try to stay away from not really telling a person just wait until you see us. Once you label something thatís just basically what you are. Just leave it open for anyone to figure it out. Once you tell somebody a certain thing, thatís what theyíre going to think about. I would try to refrain from that type of thing.

Yesterday's Rising