Band Website:

Band Members:
Glenn Danzig -- vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums
Eerie Von -- bass, backing vocals
Lyle Preslar -- guitar
Steve Zing -- drums


01. Samhain
02. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
03. Macabre
04. Die, Die, My Darling
05. The Shift
06. The Howl
07. Black Dream
08. I Am Misery
09. Halloween II
10. The Hungry End
11. Unholy Passion
12. Horror Biz
13. He Who Cannot Be Named
14. Archangel
15. Moribund

This was truly a fascinating video for me. It's raw and the picture and sound isn't that great but it's a piece of history that bears watching over and over. This is a piece of the history that is Glenn Danzig. One piece of his history that isn't well known. This is the band Glenn Danzig formed after The Misfits disbanded and in this performance you can see and hear the intensity and passion in what these guys were doing. It's a raw, powerful performance by a very young Glenn Danzig. It was basically a horror rock band and was quite dark and gloomy. The video is very enjoyable and you almost feel like you're part of the audience. One of my favorite parts of the video is when he says "I've been told if you parked across the street your cars are being towed. But I don't care because I didn't park there." That was too damn funny. I also enjoyed his smiling at the camera. If there's one thing you don't see a lot, it's Glenn Danzig smiling. If you're a Glenn Danzig fan I highly recommend you pick up this piece of his history. You won't regret it.