Band Website:
Factory Incident

Band Members:
John Stabb -- vocals
John Barry -- guitar
Brian Gay -- bass
Mark Alberstadt -- drums


June 3, 1985:
01. Blending In
02. 4 Wall Hermit
03. Mad At Myself
04. Hall Of Fame
05. Fun & Games
06. Written Word
07. Plain To See
08. Puppet On A String
09. Sheer Terror
10. Familiar

August 9, 1985:
11. Blending In
12. Puppet On A String
13. Understand
14. Hear The Scream
15. World Caved In
16. Mad At Myself
17. Sheer Terror
18. Notch To My Crotch
19. Hall Of Fame
20. Written Word
21. Fun & Games
22. 4 Wall Hermit
23. Time To Escape
24. Familiar
25. Joy Ride
26. Plain To See

The early '80s music scene was dominated by what people term "hair bands" and "glam bands". That's what you saw on MTV. But there was an underground punk scene going at the same time that a lot of folks weren't aware of. There were numbers of independent punk bands out there like a band from Washington D.C. called Government Issue. In 1985 they did two shows, one at the Fenders Ballroom and one at the Olympic Auditorium where they played a number of songs from their Joy Ride and The Fun Just Never Ends albums. John Stabb was definitely a very dramatic, enthusiastic performer and it shows from these early shows. Generally when I ask people who their favorite punk bands are I always get the standard answer of The Misfits and The Ramones. If you want to get some real punk, as one of my friends told me, you have to dig down. So dig down and check out Government Issue. You can dig down at and pick your DVD up today.