Band Website:

Band Members:

Agata Pawiowcz -- vocals
Mariusz Fraszczak -- guitar
Krzysztof Chorazy -- guitar
Robert Plaskowski -- keyboards


01. Intro
02. Brumgia
03. The Sinner
04. Sleepwalkers
05. Mantra
06. No More Lies
07. Sound 3.1
08. Midion
09. Tomorrow Will Turn Into Past
10. You Fucker...
11. Zombie
12. Sound 3.2
13. The Orgasm

Desdemona is a gothic band out of Poland and Music Video Distributors released their first ever DVD. The band's been around since 1996 and has gone through numerous personnel changes like any other band does. This particular show was recorded at the Krzemionki TV studio in January of 2005 and it was quite an electrifying performance. Agata I must say is a very mesmirizing frontwoman and she definitely keeps your attention. I believe this show is based on their 2004 CD release of the same name. They play 12 songs plus there are some cool extras like an audio set and a videoclip and an interview and some other cool shit. The interview is subtitled because they do it in Polish. It's a very solid show and the production on it is quite excellent really. Great band and great performance.