Band Website:
Brazen Abbot

Band Members:
Nikolo Kotzev -- guitar, vocals
Joe Lynn Turner -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Lars Pollack -- keyboards, vocals
Wyane Banks -- bass, vocals
Thomas Broman -- drums


01. Mr. Earthman
02. Slip Away
03. Supernatural
04. Feeling Like A Rollingstone
05. Jamsession
06. Stone Cold
07. Guilty As Sin
08. I Surrender
09. Can't Let You Go
10. I'll Be Free
11. One Life To Live
12. Road To Hell

This is a very cool band composed of some heavy hitters and the show was performed in Bulgaria which is Nikolo Kotzev's home country. What is truly amazing about this performance is that it was accompanied by a 313 piece string orchestra. Joe Lynn Turner has a very impressive voice and quite a vocal range. I thought the whole show was incredible. Something else I enjoyed were the interview segments where Nikolo Kotzev talks about the origins of the band and some of the members talk about working with him. All in all a very cool DVD with some great footage.