Band Website:
Udo Dirkschneider

Band Members:

Udo Dirkschneider -- vocals
Wolf Hoffmann -- guitar
Jörg Fischer -- guitar
Peter Baltes -- bass
Stefan Kaufmann -- drums


Osaka 1985:
01. Metal Heart
02. Breaker
03. Screaming For A Love-Bite
04. Up To The Limit
05. Living For Tonite
06. Princess Of The Dawn
07. Restless And Wild
08. Son Of A Bitch
09. London Leatherboys
10. Fast As A Shark
11. Balls To The Wall
12. Outro (Bound To Fail)

01. I'm A Rebel
02. Balls To The Wall
03. Midnight Mover
04. Generation Clash
05. Protectors Of Terrror
06. Slaves To Metal
07. Death Row

Live Sophia '93:
01. Starlight
02. Slaves To Metal
03. Objection Overruled

01. Rich And Famous
02. Rocking For The Sun
03. Morning Sun
04. Run If You Can
05. Down And Out
06. Can't STand The Night
07. Breaking
08. Burning
09. Writing On The Wall

This was a pretty cool documentary on Accept who are definitely one of the most important bands in metal. You get a show from Osaka, Japan as well as several video clips, something from Bulgaria, and various things such as behind the scenes stuff, a photo gallery, discography, biography, audio selection, and websites. There are also some unreleased CD tracks. I think it's a really good insight into the band and well worth the money.