Band Website:


Band Members:

Frank Watkins -- bass
Allen West -- guitar
John Tardy -- vocals
Donald Tardy -- drums
Trevor Peres -- guitar


01. Intro: Rain
02. Redneck Stomp
03. On The Floor
04. Insane
05. Chopped In Half
06. Turned Inside Out
07. Dying
08. Intro
09. Internal Bleeding
10. Back To One
11. Find The Arise
12. Back Inside
13. Threatening Skies
14. By The Light
15. Intro
16. Kill For Me
17. Solid State
18. Stand Alone
19. Back From The Dead
20. Drum Solo
21. Lockjaw
22. Slow Death
23. 'Til Death
24. Slowly We Rot

This was a really great DVD to watch. It shows Obituary at their best and the shots were multi-angled and professionally done. The band was really tight and definitely rocked the house. Not only was the picture great but the sound was awesome. This was their first DVD release and they had been on hiatus for eight years. Looks like the time away hadn't stopped their energy or their aggression. There's some really cool bonus material on here of interviews with the band members and you definitely want to watch those. If you are a death metal fan you need this CD.