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Band Members:

Johan Reinholdz -- guitar
Martin Hedin -- keyboards
David Fremberg -- vocals
Fabian Gustavsson -- bass
Thomas Lejon -- drums


01. Periscope
02. Mirages
03. In The Deepest Of Waters
04. Two Is One
05. The Hidden Riddle
06. Chameleon Carneval
07. Inner Circle
08. Eclipse
09. In The End
10. Encyclopedia
11. Reaching Deep Within
12. The Words Unspoken

This has got to be one of the finest DVDs I have ever watched. The production of this DVD is out of sight. The camera shifts are excellent and you can tell that the people who shot this were very experienced and took a lot of care in how they shot this. The band put on an excellent show and the crowd was very into the performance. There are a lot of goodies on here that are worth the price. Definitely highly recommended.