Band Website:

Band Members:
Jeff Waters -- guitar
John Bates -- vocals
Dave Scott -- bass
Paul Malek -- drums


Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. "Alison Hell"
03. Release Party
04. TV Media One
05. "Stonewall"
06. TV Media Two
07. TV Media Three
08. Backstage
09. "Fun Palace" - Live Version
10. TV Media Four
11. "Set The World On Fire"
12. "King of the Kill" Back Vocals
13. "King Of The Kill"
14. Jeff In Japan
15. "21"
16. "Only Be Lonely"
17. "Syn. Kill I"
18. Criteria Rehearsal
19. "Alison & Homicide"
20. O Canada
21. "Ultraparanoia"
22. "Pharr" - Live Version
23. "Rampage Raw"
Disc 2:
01. Pre-Annihilator era
02. Demo Days
03. Alice In Hell
04. Never, Neverland
05. Set The World On Fire
06. King Of The Kill
07. Refresh & Remains
08. Criteria
09. Other releases
10. Catch ya later
11. Mike Mangini
12. Neil Goldberg

I really enjoyed this DVD because it was very informative about the history of the band and I was impressed at how Jeff Waters has kept this band going for so long. It was cool to listen to Pharr talking about his involvement in the band as well. There are seven videos on here as well as other bonus footage. The interview with Jeff Waters is very informative. If you're looking for the history of this band you will find it on this DVD. I was fascinated by the story of Alice. I loved the videos. The two hour interview with Waters was fascinating and informative and I really learned a lot about the band. Damn good DVD.