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Cast Of Characters:
Zakk Wylde
Jim Breyer
Mo Collins
Matt Walker
Wayne Wilderson
Maile Flanagan
Rich Hutchman
Andrea Hutchman
Chunky B


01. Starjack 3000
02. Bad Celebrity Impressions
03. Outtakes
04. Mediocre Grapics
05. Cast Commentary
06. The Star Spangled Banner
07. TV Media Three
08. Backstage

This was kind of cool. Anything that has Zakk in it is bound to be comical. There are some skits on here about having an asshole roommate and I liked the Jimi Hendrix one the best. The Ozzy imitation was hilarious. And of course Zakk was totally funny. I think it could have been done a little better and with more humorous stuff in it. Hopefully in the next DVD! There is going to be another one right?