Band Website:

Band Members:
Joey Tempest -- vocals
John Norum -- guitar
John Levén -- bass
Mic Michaeli -- keyboards
Ian Haugland -- drums


01. Got To Have Faith
02. Ready Or Not
03. Superstitious
04. America
05. Wings Of Tomorrow
06. Let The Good Times Rock
07. Animal Crossing/Seven Doors Hotel
08. Hero
09. Wake Up Call
10. Sign Of The Times
11. Milano/Girl From Lebanon
12. Carrie
13. Flames
14. Yesterdaze News
15. Rock the Night
16. Start From The Dark
17. Cherokee
18. Final Countdown

This was a very well done DVD. The concert is from a show at the Hammersmith Apollo which is located in London, England. Along with that you get interviews, diaries, and two music videos which are "Got To Have Faith" and "Hero". Quite honestly who could have grown up in the 80's rock era without owning records by these guys? It's great to finally get your hands on some live concert footage. These guys perform the songs that made them rock. One thing I like about this particular DVD is that picture quality is awesome. All in all the guys were in great form that night and they really put on a hell of a show. Make sure you check out the second DVD. Great stuff.