Band Website:
Rozz Williams

Band Members:
Rozz Williams -- vocals
Eva Ortiz -- guitar
Jill Emery -- bass
Tom Morgan -- drums
Paris -- keyboards


01. Here And There
02. Zaned People
03. Death Plays His Roll
04. Static Jesus
05. Holy Hell
06. Holding You Close
07. Under Your Wing
08. Holy Holy

This was a very cool DVD to watch. Rozz Williams was the founder of the band Christian Death and formed Shadow Project with Eva O. who would become his wife. This DVD definitely showcases the talent of Rozz who apparently was a very haunted person obssessed with death. The DVD is basically a collection of live concert clips as well as spoken word performances and interviews with the band. It shows Rozz in his element. They were definitely a very entertaining theatrical band and the clips are very haunting and eerie. Definitely well done. Unfortunately he ended his life in 1998 which was rather tragic but his legacy lives on. This is definitely a recommended DVD to watch.