Band Website:

Band Members:

Katon W. DePena -- vocals
Angela Espino -- bass
Glenn Rogers -- lead guitars
Dave Chedrick -- drums
Dave Watson -- lead guitars


01. El Dia de los Muertos
02. Massacre of the Innocent
03. Blind Faith
04. The New Age of Terror
05. Hate, Fear and Power
06. Hostile Territory
07. Destroy
08. Broken Neck
09. El Diablo Negro
10. Killswitch
11. Walk With Death
12. Barrage of Noise
13. The Plague
14. Bombs of Death
15. Unleash the Dogs of War
16. Blind Faith
17. Warlord Command
18. Bombs of Death
19. Mouth Sewn Shut
20. Demons Evil Forces
21. Hate, Fear and Power
22. Bombs of Death
23. Mouth Sewn Shut (guest guitar Jake Starr)
24. El Diablo Negro
25. Killswitch
26. Bombs of Death
27. Hate, Fear and Power
28. Demons Evil Forces
29. Walk With Death
30. Hate, Fear and Power
31. Demons Evil Forces
32. Unleash the Dogs of War

Hirax are one of the godfathers of the Bay Area thrash movement. These guys put on one hell of a performance at the Mayhem Festival. This is thrash like it is meant to be played and there are no holds barred on this DVD. You get a full show plus some cool footage from other shows. These guys never really got the attention they deserved in my opinion. They are a classic thrash metal band. The only thing I didn't like much was that the video quality wasn't the best it could be but I still would get my hands on this and thrash 'til death motherfuckers!