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Band Members:

Jon Nödtveidt -- guitar, vocals
Set Teitan -- guitar
Brice Leclerq -- bass
Tomas Asklund -- drums


01. Intro: At The Fathomless Depths
02. Night's Blood
03. Frozen
04. Maha Kali
05. Soulreaper
06. No Dreams Bread In Breathless Sleep
07. Where Dead Angel Lie
08. Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane
09. Unhallowed
10. Thorns Of Crimson Death
11. Heaven's Damnation
12. In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
13. Elizabeth Bathori
14. The Somberlain
15. A Land Forlorn

This was the first time I saw a live Dissection show and I can't get over what an incredible band this was. This concert was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and from the looks of it, it was sold out. The majority of the songs come from two albums, The Somberlain and Storm Of The Light's Bane. The quality of the DVD is damn good. I found that very impressive. Make sure you check out the interview with Jon. I understand it was the last one done with him before his suicide. Only he knows why he felt he had to take his life and only he knows why he took someone else's life years ago, but as a musician he was amazing. You can be rest assured that I'll be viewing this DVD again because I can't get enough of these guys. R.I.P. Jon.