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Metal's Darkside


01. Surgery Of Impalement (Suffocation)
02. War Is My Shepherd (Exodus)
03. Complete Heat (Fight Paris)
04. Tyranny (Firewind)
01. Paul Ramanko & Brian Fair
02. Terrance Hobbs & Frank Mullen
03. Rick Hunolt & Gary Holt
04. Vanessa, Joe, & Skitz
05. Trevor Strand & Brain Eschbach
06. Sharlee D'Angelo

Another cool release with some really cool videos and interviews with the folks from Shadows Fall, Suffocation, Exodus, Deconstruct, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Arch Enemy. Plus a cool bonus interview with Suffocation. Jasmin St. Claire tours all the summer hot spots getting into the minds of all these folks. It's definitely a DVD that people will enjoy.