Band Website:

Band Members:
Kate -- vocals
Remo -- vocals, bass
Annie -- keyboards
MacKozer -- guitars
Mario -- guitars
Kontad -- drums


01. S.E.T.I.
02. South Galaxy
03. Sigma Draconis
04. Born To Be The Best
05. Re-Venger
06. Painful Fame
07. Spacewar
08. Solitary
09. Northern Blood
10. Overwhelming Monuments
11. Not Me
12. Stanzerl
13. Sacriversum Documentary
14. Born To Be The Best (video)
15. Dark Stars 2003

This was a very cool DVD to watch. I was not familiar with this band but I definitely like them. They hail from Krakow, Poland and that's where the DVD was filmed. Apparently the set list is composed of songs from Beckettia and Mozartia. I love the way the vocals are intertwined with rough growls and beautiful clear female singing. The band was very tight and intense and the crowd was clearly thrilled to be there. I enjoyed the visual quality of this DVD. I think if you're looking for something a little different you should check this band out. There is also a documentary, a video for "Born To Be The Best", and some festival footage from Dark Stars 2003 plus some other goodies.