Band Website:

Band Members:
Denis "Snake" Belanger -- vocals
Denis "Piggy" D'Amour -- guitar
Jean-Yves "Blacky" Theriault -- bass
Michel "Away" Langevin


01. Voivod (1984)
02. Ripping Headaches (1986)
03. Ravenous Medicine (1987)
04. Tribal Convictions (1988)
05. Psychic Vacuum (1988)
06. Astronomy Domine (1989)

07. Blower - Montreal Spectrum (12/10/86)
08. Tribal Convictions - Montreal Spectrum (20/08/88)
09. Ravenous Medicine - Montreal Spectrum (20/08/88)
10. The Unknown Knows - Montreal Musique Plus (1989)
11. Inner Combustion Missing - Montreal Musique Plus (1989)
12. Sequences Nothingface - Montreal Musique Plus (1989)
13. Inner Combustion - Montreal Backstreet (24/05/91)
14. Freedom - Montreal Backstreet (24/05/91)

15. Vidoe Shoot Ravenous Medicine (24/03/87)
16. Video Shoot Psychic Vacuum (25/09/88)
17. Recording Nothingface Vector
18. Studios (14/05/89)

19. Artwork
20. Photos
21. Iron Gang Demos
22. Morgoth Invastion (12/84)
23. Montreal Spectrum (09/87)
This is the first DVD that Voivod has released and it is very fucking cool. It's the original lineup which was intact from 1983 to 1991. It's jam packed with goodies such as all the videos they did, live shows that they did, studio footage and video shoots which I found particularly interesting. It's interesting to see how some of these videos are put together. These guys definitely had their own unique sound. They started out as a thrash metal band basically progressed to a point where no one else sounded like them. Their odd time signatures and lyrics led to influencing other bands. With the untimely passing of Piggy, it's nice to see him on the DVD doing the thing he did best which was playing guitar. The DVD is a wonderful way to experience his amazing guitar playing and the band's great moments.