Band Website:
The Murder City Devils

Band Members:
Spencer Moody -- vocals
Dan Galluci -- guitar
Derek Fudesko -- bass
Nate Manny -- guitars, vocals
Nick Dewitt -- keyboards
Coady Willis -- drums


01. Bear Away
02. I Drink The Wine
03. One Vision Of May
04. Midnight Service At The Muetter Museum
05. I Want A Lot Now
06. Rum To Whiskey
07. Dancin Shoes Waltz
08. Dear Hearts
09. That's What You Get
10. Idle Hands
11. Boom Swagger
12. Dance Hall Music
13. Cradle To The Grave
14. Murder City Riot
15. Press Gang
16. Broken Glass
17. 18 Wheels
18. Grace That Saves

This was a band that was in formed in the 1990s. They were basically a rock and roll band that utilized punk vocals and they had a pretty successful career up until 2001 when they decided to part ways. This last show of theirs is a pretty good representation of what the band was like. They perform all of their best songs to a crowded house of fans who were pretty sorry to see them go. This is definitely a great DVD for anyone who likes to collect stuff involving this band.