Band Website:
The Vibrators

Band Members
Pete -- bass
Eddie -- drums
Knox -- guitar, vocals


01. Automatic Lover
02. Your Love Is Fading Away
03. The Kid's A Mess
04. I Need A Slave
05. I Knew It Must Be Love
06. Politically Correct
07. Troops Of Tomorrow
08. He's A Psycho
09. U238
10. New Brain
11. Whips & Furs
12. So Far Down
13. Baby Baby
14. Disco In Mosco
15. Petrol
16. London Girls
17. Judy Says
18. Brand New Cadillac
19. Amphetamine Blue
20. Bad Time
21. Pure Mania
22. Wrecked On You
23. Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Vibrators have been enjoying a 26 year career as one of the best British punk bands out there and seem inclined to keep on going. This DVD was recorded at CBGB's in 2004 and features a 17 song concert with a six song encore as well as well as a couple of interviews and some bonus stuff as well. It was an incredible show and I'm sure folks who attended that show will be thrilled to have it on DVD. These guys are very good performers who heavily influenced the punk genre.