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Impotent Sea Snakes

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01. Ripper Intro
02. Pope John Paul Can Suck My Dick
03. Rock & Roll All Night
04. Heaven's Gates
05. Percussion Break
06. Kangaroos (Up The Butt)
07. Our Pleasure Is Pain
08. Slam Ya
09. Instrumental Break/Fire Whip
10. Remake Me
11. For The Love Of Chains
12. Let Go 'O My Thang
13. People Who Died

A friend of mine told me that I just had to review this and see this amazing band. Holy fuck. What the hell was that? These guys are totally outrageous. Nothing is off limits and seeing that Germany is a very liberal, free place you can have naked chicks on stage masturbating and no one gives a flying rat's ass. The music is very cool and the band is very much the 80's glam thing and I don't object to half naked men running around. This band really reminds me of GWAR in a completely different way. Basically performance artists who will shock the shit out of the easily shocked and amuse the rest of us who have an open mind and a damn good sense of humor. Yeah Pope John Paul probably sucked his share of dicks in his lifetime. Ooh, send me off to purgatory baby. I even have a catholic skirt. Anyway buy this crazy DVD and watch it.