Band Website:

Band Members:
Phil Mogg -- vocals
Vinnie Moore -- guitar
Paul Raymond -- guitar, keyboards
Pete Way -- bass
Andy Parker -- drums


01. This Kids
02. Out In The Street
03. Shoot Shoot
04. Come On Everybody
05. Love To Love
06. Doctor Doctor
07. Lettin’ Go
08. Mystery Train
09. Lights Out
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Rock Bottom
12. Let It Roll
13. The Coming Of Prince Kujuku
14. Borderline
15. Running Up The Highway
16. Backdoor Man
17. This Kids

This was a very cool and informative DVD to watch. It basically recounted the career of UFO and had 17 videos on it as well as members of the band talking about their career and members of Def Leppard and Iron Maiden talking about how UFO influenced them. I definitely enjoyed listening to Michael Schenker talking about how he came up with riffs and how stardom frightened him. The band is probably one of the most underrated bands I know of. All in all a great retrospective of the band.