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Band Members:

Grzegorz Kupczyk -- vocals
Wojtek Hoffmann -- guitar
Dominik Jokiel -- guitar
Bogusz Rutkiewicz -- bass
Tomek Krzyzaniak -- drums


01. Otwarte Drzwi Do Miasta
02. Kawaleria Szatana II
03. Szalony Ikar
04. Ostatni Grzesznikow Placz
05. Medley (Mowili Kiedys/Wybacz Wszystkim Wrogom/Toczy Sie Po Linie)
06. Legenda Thora
07. Kawaleria Szatana I
08. Last Warrior
09. Zolnierz Fortuny

These guys are somewhat legends of the Polish heavy metal scene and have been kicking ass for over 25 years. This DVD is exceptional. The show is energetic, the guys are in their best form, and the audience is enthusiastic. The songs may be in Polish and the spoken parts may be in Polish but there are English subtitles for the spoken parts. The one outstanding thing is the music and the passion and the delivery. The DVD makes you wish you had been at that show. It was filmed at Metalmania 2005 and there are so many cool things on this DVD. You get numerous live videos, several videoclips, and of course interviews with some of the band members in Polish but with English subtitles. All in all it's an awesome video and it doesn't matter to me what language music is sung in. Music is a universal language and I highly recommend this DVD for people who love heavy metal no matter what.