Band Website:

Band Members:

Commander Court Hawley -- bass
Bill Lindsey -- vocals
Dr. Corpse -- mayhem
Kyle -- guitar
Tom Kroxton -- drums


First Ave August 2003:
01. Legend Of The 13 Graves
02. Viva Santo
03. Assassin
04. Dead As A Doornail
05. It Won't Die
06. Under The Dirt
07. Island Of The Damned
08. 666 Dreary Lane
09. Girl Of My Screams
10. Heaven's Force
11. Shock Rock
Pillar And Post January 1984:
01. Heaven's Force
02. Rise Of The Mutants (unreleased)
03. Go Back To Hell (unreleased)
04. Hit With An Ax (unreleased)
05. Dancing On The Edge
06. Bloodbath (demo)

This band looks like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and corpse paint. They're kind of schlocky but that adds to the appeal. It looks like they're playing in small clubs with bad lighting which kind of adds to the appeal. There's also an interview with the band as well as some other stuff. If you like schlock, then please, open the coffin and come inside.