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01. Intro
02. Enemy Of God
03. Impossible Brutality
04. Pleasure TO Kill
05. Phobia
06. Violent Revolution
07. Suicide Terrorist
08. Extreme Aggression
09. People Of The Lie
10. Voice Of The Dead
11. Terrible Certainty
12. Betrayer
13. Flag Of Hate
14. Tormentor
Bonus Performances 01. Kreator Live at the "Rockpalast" Bootleg
02. Reconquering the Throne - Renewal - Servant in Heaven - King in Hell
01. Enemy of God (Video Extended Terror Version)
02. Making of Enemy Of God
03. Dystopia - Animated Video
04. Impossible Brutality
05. Dying Race Apocalypse

What can I say? This is one fucking cool DVD by one of the best German thrash metal bands. It's an addition to the Enemy Of God CD. It's packed with a lot of great footage. The main feature of course is their performance at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 2005. You also get a bootleg of their show at the Rockpalast and some videos to go with that including the making of Enemy Of God. I think any Kreator fan will find this a must have. These guys still know how to thrash with the best of them and they really have the crowd going at Wacken. It's basically a best of list of their material and definitely some good choices. I also believe that if you buy this DVD you get a CD that is the Enemy Of God CD but in surround sound. Definitely recommended.