Band Website:

Band Members:
Chuck Billy -- vocals
Eric Peterson -- guitars
Alex Skolnick -- guitars
Greg Christian -- bass
Louie Clemente -- drums


01. Eerie Inhabitants
02. Face In The Sky
03. Greenhouse Effect
04. Souls Of Black
05. Sins Of Omission
06. Disciples Of The Watch
07. Nobody's Fault (video)
08. Practice What You Preach (video)
09. Souls of Black (video)
10. The Legacy (video)

Testament has always been a very important band in the thrash metal world. Back in 1001 they released a video called Seen Between The Lines which has now been reissued on a DVD. It contains the show, behind the scenes footage, videos, and a dinner that the guys had. The video was a classic and I'm sure people will love having this on DVD. The videos are "Practice What You Preach", "Souls Of Black", "Nobody's Fault", and "The Legacy". If you're a Testament fan make sure you grab this DVD.