Band Website:

Band Members:
ave Mustaine -- vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Chris Poland -- lead & rhythm guitars
Jeff Young -- lead & rhythm guitars
Marty Friedman -- lead & rhythm guitars
Al Pitrelli -- guitars
David Ellefson -- bass, backing vocals
Gar Samuelson -- drums
Chuck Behler -- drums
Nick Menza -- drums
Jimmy DeGrasso -- drums


1. Peace sells (from Talk Radio)
2. Peace Sells - video
3. Interview, 1986*
4. Wake Up Dead - video
5. Penelope Spheeris intro* (interview)
6. In My Darkest Hour - video
7. SO FAR, SO GOOD… (interview clips & video rushes)
8. Anarchy In The U.K. - video
9. No More Mr. Nice Guy* - video/film footage
10. RUST IN PEACE* (TV spot for album)
11. Clash Of The Titans tour footage, 1990*
12. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due* - video-MTV edit
14. Hangar 18 (video-unedited version)
15. Go To Hell (video-guitar version)
16. COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION* (TV Spot for album)
17. Rock The Vote (Promo clips)
18. Symphony Of Destruction - video
19. Symphony Of Destruction (Edited Gristle Mix video)
20. Skin O' My Teeth* - video, new edit
21. High Speed Dirt - video
22. Foreclosure Of A Dream - video
24. Sweating Bullets* - video
1. EVOLVER (from home video)
2. Train Of Consequences - video
3. Raw footage from Train video shoot* (hidden track)
4. YOUTHANASIA* (TV Spot for album)
5. Interview, 1994* (Nick on album cover)
6. NIGHT OF THE LIVING MEGADETH, Halloween 1994* (interviews/live performance)
7. MTV MOST WANTED* (performance on 3/28/95)
8. Interview, 1994* (Dave on A Tout Le Monde)
9. A Tout Le Monde* - video
10. Interview, 1994* (Dave/Nick on touring)
11. Reckoning Day* - video
12. CRYPTIC WRITINGS* (TV Spot for album)
13. Trust - video
14. CRYPTIC TV* (Promo for Cryptic Writings)
15. Almost Honest* - video
16. A Secret Place* - video
17. Argentina, 1998* (Backstage/interview/distant live shots)
18. THE DREW CAREY SHOW, 1998* (Mustaine appearance)
19. RISK teaser film* (promo film)
20. Insomnia* - video
21. Sweating Bullets* (Live at GIGANTOUR, 2005)
22. Peace Sells* (Live at GIGANTOUR, 2005)
23. YOUTHANASIA album cover shoot*
*Previously Unreleased

If you want a really killer retrospective on Megadeth over the years then I think this DVD is for you. It covers the whole history with lineup changes and all. It even has a couple of video clips from Dave's Gigantour that he put together. I think it was one of the most interesting DVDs I've watched outside of Annihilator's very cool DVD. I thought it was kind of odd that Dave never really talks about why he changes members around as much as he does but I guess that's for some other time. I saw a lot of things on this DVD that I had never seen before so it was a real treat. I've been a Megadeth fan for a long time and I can say that this DVD puts a lot of stuff in perspective. There were a few videos that I didn't see on here but I guess that is also for another time. I would strongly suggest that people buy this. If you love Megadeth buy it.