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Metal Mind Productions


01. Marduke's Mazemerising (Vesania)
02. The Apogee (Hieronymus Bosch)
03. Blind Window Stare (Hieronymus Bosch)
04. Plytki Dolek (Hunter)
05. Nathicana (1349)
06. Chasing Dragons (1349)
07. Satanic Propaganda (1349)
08. Life Hurts More Than Death (Acid Drinkers)
09. Human Bazooka (Acid Drinkers)
10. I Fuck The Violence (Acid Drinkers)
11. Final Product (Nevermore)
12. The Heart Collector (Nevermore)
13. Enemies Of Reality (Nevermore)
14. Wolfshade (Moonspell)
15. Opium (Moonspell)
16. Awake (Moonspell)
17. Balance (Anathema)
18. Closer (Anathema)
19. A NAtural Disaster (Anathema)
20. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx (Therion)
21. Asgard (Therion)
22. Siren Of The Woods (Therion)
01. Seyn Todt In Schwartz (Belphegor)
02. The Energy Of The Masses (Shadows Land)
03. The View (Antigama)
04. Thrash The South (Totem)
05. 99% Of Evil (Corruption)
06. Mercyful Hate (The No-Mads)
07. Prayer (Archeon)
08. Victorious Dawn Rising (Centinex)
09. The IXth Legion (SuidArkA)
10. The Stud Farm Of Amazones (Misanthrope)
11. Innerlane (Beseech)
12. Out Of Breath (The Old Dead Tree)

The Europeans without a doubt throw the best metal festivals in the world. These people love metal and beer. Metalmania took place in Poland in 2006 and had some fucking awesome bands on the bill. 1349 is a real favorite of mine. My co-DJs at the Internet station I DJ on hate that band and say it makes their ears bleed which is awesome. I want your ears to bleed and your eyes to melt when you listen to my show. The Metal Mind people use many camera angles which is why their videos always look so fucking sharp. You get a DVD with some of the best extreme bands out there and a CD with the bands that were on the side stage. There are some extra goodies including band interviews. While one of them appears to be done in Polish it still interests me to listen because I find foreign languages fascinating. All in all definitely a DVD worth buying.