Band Website:
GG Allin

Band Members:

GG Allin -- vocals
Merle Allin -- bass
Dino Sachs -- drummer
Bill Weber -- guitar


01. Bite It You Scum
02. Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me
03. I Live To Be Hated
04. Outlaw Scumfuc
05. Highest Power
06. Terror In America
07. I Wanna Rape You
08. Kill The Police
09. Cunt Suckin Cannibal

I had heard of this dude a few years back. Curiosity caused me to review this DVD of three shows he did in New Jersey, Austin, and Atlanta. GG was definitely one of a kind. Apparently he got off on punching people at his shows and various other activities. How about audience interaction folks? People got off on that shit too apparently. And he liked to shit a steaming pile and eat it for some reason. All because he was pissed off about something. I guess if I had some religious nut for a father who named me Jesus Christ I'd be a little annoyed myself. To top it all off he wanted to commit suicide on stage and clean out the gene pool a little by taking some audience members along with him but wound up OD'ing on heroin. Poor bastard. Can't do anything right. Watching the video was kind of like watching a trainwreck in progress. Morbid curiosity. Why should you buy this video? Because if you're a fan of this guy then you'll like having some of the last shows he did before he died. You get three shows that actually seem to have been finished all the way through plus some bonus shit. If you're not a fan you'll be amused at this guys antics. It's fascinating to watch. Unfortunately it doesn't showcase some of his more freakiest depravaties so that was a bit of a letdown. There won't be any shitting on stage but you get to see what little of a wanker he had and he does get a bit of fellatio on stage. The songs aren't really that memorable but the entertainment value is definitely worth the price. I guess he thought he was the ultimate rock and roll rebel and who knows, he may have actually put the danger back into punk.