Band Website:

Band Members:
Peter Tagtgren -- guitar, vocals
Andrea Odendahl -- guitar
Alla Fedynitch -- bass guitar
David Wallin -- drums


Metalmania 2005
Katowice, Poland, March 12th 2005:
01. Supersonic Bitch
02. End Of The Line
03. On Your Knees
04. Dancing With The Dead
05. It's Only Them
06. Just Hate Me
07. Same Old Song
08. Shut Your Mouth
Bonus Live Video
Krzemionki TV Studio
Cracow, Poland, January 13th 2005:
09. Greed
10. Breathing In Breathing Out
11. Suicide Machine
12. Nothing
13. Eleanor Rigby
14. On And On
Tavastia Club Bootleg
Helsinki, Finland, March 29th 2005:
15. supesonic Bitch
16. Endo Of The Line
Bonus Videoclips:
17. End Of The Line
18. Suicide Machine
19. On And On
20. Shut Your Mouth
21. Just Hate Me
22. Same Old Song
23. Bye/Die

This is Pain's first DVD. Peter Tagtgren is a very well known musician. He plays several instruments and is a kick ass producer to boot. He's produced so many people's albums, there isn't room to name all the bands. There are some damn good shows on here that they played. Very energetic and in your face covering the entire spectrum of their material. What I really enjoyed was the interview that was conducted with him. It was interesting to get to know more about him. The footage on this release is fantastic. Check it out.