Band Website:

Band Members:
Derrick Green -- vocals
Andreas Kisser -- guitar
Paulo Jr. -- bass
Igor Cavalera -- drums


DVD 1:

01. Apes Of God
02. Slave New World
03. Propaganda
04. Attitude
05. Choke
06. Innerself/Beneath The Remains
07. Escape To The Void
08. Mindwar
09. Troops Of Doom
10. Necromancer
11. Sepulnation
12. Refuse/Resist
13. Territory
14. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
15. Bullet The Blue Sky
16. Reza
17. Biotech Is Godzilla
18. Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells
19. Come Back Alive
20. Roots Bloody Roots
21. Making Of
22. Band Bio

DVD 2:

01. Documentary
02. Mindwar (video)
03. Bullet In The Blue Sky (video)
04. Choke (video)
05. Nomad (live song)
06. Desperate Cry (live song)
07. Territory (live song)
08. Slideshow
09. Credits

This was probably the most amazing DVD I've seen in a while. It's basically a two DVD set where they are playing to a packed house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can hear the crowd chanting "Sepultura, Sepultura" and you know you're fixing to see a damn good show. These Brazilian guys know how to deliver some thrash to your eardrums. It's a 20 song set and they just kick the crowd's asses. One part of the DVD that I liked was where the vocalist was playing a tribal rhythm on the drums. That was pretty killer. They also have some guests come on stage. It's just a totally intense show. There is some other interesting shit on there like a "Making Of..." feature, a bio, and a documentary which is narrated by Derrick Green. There are some live songs and videos. Definitely a DVD you have to go and fucking get. It will blow your ass away guaranteed. The DVD is really well put together.