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Band Members:

Nick Barrett -- vocals, guitar
Julian Baker -- saxophone, guitar, tambourine
John Barnfield -- keyboards
Rik Carter -- keyboards
Clive Nolan -- keyboards
Peter Gee -- bass
Joe Crabtree -- drums


01. Higher Circles
02. The Pleasure Of Hope
03. Leviathan
04. Victims Of Life
05. Armageddon
06. Fly High Fall Far
07. Excalibur
08. Please
09. Oh Divineo
10. Alaska
11. Dark Summer's Day
12. Circus
13. The Black Knight
14. 2AM
15. Stan And Ollie

This is another DVD that is shot and produced quite well. It's a great concert that took place in Poland. The show is just excellent and you get the feeling that you're in the venue with them. They're basically celebrating the 21st anniversary since they released their first record and they have former band members there as well. Just a really cool show with most of their repetoire coming from that first record. The music they put together is definitely timeless and has great vocals and guitar work as well as wonderful keys in it as well. I think this is definitely worth buying and just sitting back with a beer and enjoying. As I am currently doing.