Band Website:

Band Members:

Roye Albrighton -- guitar, vocals
Ron Howden -- drums, vocals
Randy Dembo -- bass, bass pedals, vocals
Tom Hughes -- keyboards, vocals


Disc 1:
01. A Tab In The Ocean
02. Dream Nebula/Desolation Valley/Waves
03. Remember The Future Part I
04. Remember The Future Part II
05. Cast Your Fate
06. The Debate
07. Cryin' In The Dark/King Of Twilight
08. That's Life
09. Show Me The Way
10. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher/Squeeze/Mr. H
11. Recycled
12. Good Day
13. Fidgety Queen
Disc 2:
01. Do You Believe In Magic
02. Telephone
03. Always
04. Good Day

I was introduced to this band a while back and they are simply the most amazing progressive band I've seen. This DVD was filmed in Bonn, Germany with two original members and two new members. The performance they put on that night was definitely one to remember. The set list definitely included some great material. The show has that raw energy and power that Nektar has. You basically get a full performance on one DVD and a short acoustic set on another DVD which is really cool. There's an interview, photo slideshow, biography, and discography. It's a stellar DVD and well worth the money. If you're a Nektar fan you can't live without this.