Band Website:

Band Members:
Steve Hogarth -- vocals
Steve Rothery -- guitars
Mark Kelly -- keyboards
Pete Trewavas -- bass
Ian Mosley -- drums


01. The Invisible Man
02. Marbles I
03. You're Gone
04. Angelina
05. Marbles II
06. Don't Hurt Yourself
07. Fantastic Plac
08. Marbles III
09. The Damage
10. Marbles IV
11. Neverland
12. Bridge
13. Living With The Big Lie
14. The Party
15. Between You And Me
16. Uninvited Guest
17. Cover My Eyes
18. You're Gone (video)
19. Don't Hurt Yourself (video)

Marillion was a very impressive progressive rock act. They took their name from J.R.R. Tolkien's novel SIMARILLION. This concert was filmed at the Astoria in London over two days. What is awesome about this DVD is that it was filmed with 15 different cameras and it is definitely a wonderful experience. I think this DVD captures the band at its best. It also has some really cool bonus footage such as Marbles album EPK and two videos, "You're Gone" and "Don't Hurt Yourself". Definitely a very awesome DVD.