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This is probably one of the most amazing and comprehensive DVD's I have ever seen about a musical legend. This is a documentary that was filmed back in 1986 about Chuck Berry who is just flat out a legend. A god if you will. He was rock and roll. Chuck Berry can be humorous and tell you some great stories and at the same time he can be an asshole. One isn't complete without the other. On the first disc I saw the show where Berry was accompanied by the legendary Keith Richards, Robert Cray, and Johnny Johnson. You see interview excerpts where people talk about Berry. The other three discs are bonus features that leave you feeling like you really know this guy. The guitar jam was absolutely awesome. On Disc 3 there are interviews with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Little Richard. That was a real eye opener. I knew people were insanely racist back in those days but it still shocks me to hear about that shit. A really true piece of art.