Band Website:

Band Members:
Phil Mogg -- vocals
Pete Way -- bass
Paul Raymond -- keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals
Vinnie Moore -- guitar
Jason Bonham -- drums


DVD 1:
01. Intro
02. Mother Mary
03. When Daylight Goes To Town
04. Let It Roll
05. I'm A Loser
06. This Kids
07. The Wild One
08. Fighting Man
09. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Baby Blue
11. Mr. Freeze
12. Love To Love
13. Too Hot To Handle
14. Lights Out
15. Rock Bottom
16. Doctor Doctor
17. Shoot Shoot
18. Bonus Footage - Making of DVD, Slideshow, Band Biography, Discography
DVD 2:
01. Pack It Up And Go
02. Try Me
03. Love To Love
04. Slipping Away
05. Cherry
06. Profession Of Violence
Bonus Footage - Making of studio songs, Rockboat (documentary), USA 2004 (documentary), History (interviews), Bonus Statements (interviews), Credits

UFO is probably one of the best bands out there. On this DVD you have the three original members along with Vinnie Moore who is one of the best guitarists out there and Jason Bonham. The DVD basically has songs off of their classic album Strangers In The Night and their new album You Are Here. The DVD is absolutely awesome and there's a lot of very cool footage. You want to know why UFO is such a driving force in rock and roll? Watch the DVD.