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01. Darkane Times (Wacken)
02. Gates Of Nevermore (Wacken)
03. Forth-Clyde (Wacken)
04. Pandragonís Fall (Wacken)
05. The One Piece Puzzle (Wacken)
06. Dead Manís Reel (Wacken)
07. The IXth Legion (Wacken)
08. Wartunes (Wacken)
09. The One Piece Puzzle (acoustic)

10. When Eternity Echoes (acoustic) 11. Rise Of Taliesin (acoustic)
12. Whiskey In The Jar (acoustic)
13. Medley: Dinas Emrys / Peregrin / Serenade To A Dream / Fall Of Tara (acoustic)
14. Wish You Were Here (acoustic)
15. The Ember Deid - Part II (acoustic)
16. A Visionís Demise (acoustic)
17. A Runic Rhyme (acoustic)
18. An Dýdlachd (acoustic)
19. Johnny B. (acoustic)
20. Interviews at Wacken with friends and fans (bonus)
21. The IXth Legion (videoclip) 22. Forth-Clyde (videoclip)

01. Heresy
02. Sheltering Dreams
03. A Menhirs Clay
04. An Dýdlachd
05. Morrigan
06. Lays From Afar
07. The Arcane Spell
08. Wartunes
09. Rise of Taliesin
10. Intro
11. Darkane Times
12. Still The Pipes Are Calling
13. Signs For The Fallen
14. A Visionís Demise
15. Reap The Storm
16. Dead Manís Reel
17. Highland Hills

This band has been part of Celtic/Pagan music for 13 years and they have released eight studio albums. They combine death and black metal with folk and include bagpipes in their songs. Definitely an interesting instrument of choice but it works well. This DVD is really cool. It offers you performances from Wacken back in 2007, an acoustic concert, bonus stuff, and a best of CD. These guys put on a really amazing performance that has to be seen to be believed. I really enjoyed the acoustic show where they basically did stripped down versions of their songs and do a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey In The Jar" and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". The CD that accompanies the DVD has a good variety of their really best songs and is really enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend this band to anyone and they should really get their hands on this DVD and CD.