Band Website:
Murphy's Law

Band Members:
Jimmy G -- vocals
Pico Da' Bass -- bass


The Continental - NYC:
01. Cavity Creeps
02. Don't Bother Me
03. Improv (Toilet Paper)
04. What Will The Neighbors Think
05. Quest For Herbs
06. Secret Agent S.K.I.N.
07. Green Bud
08. Wall Of Death
Rex's Bar - PA:
09. Panty Raid
10. Bong
11. Crucial Bar-B-Q
12. Ska Song
13. Skin Head Girl
14. Beer
15. Woke Up Tied Up
16. Fun
17. Vicky Crown
18. Head Kicked In

Murphy's Law is a hardcore band from New York City and was formed in 1985. The two shows on here were filmed in New York and Pennsylvania and basically it looks more like a party than a stage show which is very cool. A lot of interaction with the audience and nothing is funnier than seeing Drescher light up a joint at the club in New York and saying that it isn't a cigarette. I think this is a must for any Murphy's Law collector. These guys are punk to the end.