Band Website:
New York Dolls

Band Members:

David Johansen -- vocals
Sylvain Sylvain -- guitar
Jerry Nolan -- drums
Johnny Thunders -- guitar
Arthur Kane -- bass


01. Human Being
02. Bad Detective
03. Subway Train
04. Personality Crisis
05. Trash
06. Vietnamese Baby
07. Lookin For A Kiss
08. Jet Boy
09. Who Are The Mystery Girls
10. Private World
11. I'm A Hoochie Koochie Man
12. Great Big Kiss
13. Babylon
14. Frankenstein
15. Chatterbox
16. Pirate Love
17. Down Down Downtown
18. Pills

This is probably one of the best documentaries I've watched. Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya follow the Dolls around and basically video tape 40 hours of footage during the Dolls' early years and just capture the guys perfectly. I personally enjoyed the footage in the airport when one of the guy's was wearing short shorts and a pair of knee high boots and people were just looking at them sideways. It was just so funny and you're so glad they shocked people. You just watch these guys grow and I guess what I wonder about is why they didn't just explode as one of the hottest bands out there. They ahd the potential. But yet they are always cited as an influence by other bands so maybe they had their claim to fame after all. If you are a huge New York Dolls fan then you need to pick up this gem. It's definitely an inside look into these guys lives.