Band Website:
Hoodoo Gurus

Band Members:

Dave Faulkner -- vocals, guitar, keyboards
Brad Shepherd -- lead guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion
Clyde Bramley -- bass, vocals
James Baker -- drums


01. Leilani
02. My Girl
03. I Want You Back
04. Bittersweet
05. Like, Wow - Wipeout!
06. Death Defying
07. Poison Pen
08. In The Wild
09. What's My Scene?
10. Good Times
11. Middle Of The Land
12. The Generation Gap
13. Come Anytime
14. Axegrinder
15. Another World
16. Miss Freelove '69
17. A Thousand Miles Away
18. A Place In The Sun
19. Little Drummer Boy (Up The Khyber)
20. The Right Time
21. You Open My Eyes
22. Less Than A Feeling
23. Turn Up Your Radio ('95) with Masters Apprentice
24. Big Deal
25. Waking Up Tired
26. If Only...
27. Nothing's Changing My Life
28. When You Get To California
29. Domino
30. Hall Of Shame
Vintage Live:
01. Let's All (Turn On)
02. I Want You Back
03. Death Ship
04. Another World
05. Tojo
06. Like, Wow - Wipeout!
07. Leilani
08. Death Defying
09. Axegrinder
10. What's My Scene?
11. Middle Of The Land
12. Miss Freelove '69
13. Come Anytime
14. In The Wild
15. Bittersweet
16. the Right Time

If you are a Hoodoo Gurus fan, this DVD is a must have. This DVD must have every video these guys have ever done as well as vintage performances and clips and a documentary of interviews with past and present band members, producers, fans, and fellow musicians. It follows them around the world. These guys are apparently icons in Australia and even I know about these boys. This is a an extensive and well done DVd of a band that's been around for 23 years. And it's well worth the effort and the money. The Be My Guru documentary is awesome. These guys have quite a history so come share it.