Brett Detar - The Juliana Theory

November 11, 2005

Photo Credit: Angela Monger

Tell me a little bit about The Juliana Theory.

We are a band that plays rock music from Western Pennsylvania. We've been around for about eight years and there's five of us. We have four records out and we've toured the U.S. 12 times.

And half of you are named Josh.

Three fifths of us are named Josh.

How do you keep all the Josh's apart?

Nobody goes by Josh. Two of them go by their last name and one goes by Chip. Our manager is Josh as well. It's four out of six.

Damn. Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat is your fourth record and it differs from your previous releases.

A little bit, yeah. It's more energetic than anything we've done in the past. I think it's also more cohesive than any of our records have been. That's probably the two biggest standouts as far as I'm concerned.

You said something about it being a lot darker.

It's darker, yeah. It's definitely darker lyrically than anything we've put out in the past.

When you were writing the album, what was inspiring you at that point?

There were a lot of relationships dying for the band and for myself and for Chad who also helps in writing some of the lyrics. A lot of the record kind of focuses on that in general.

Tell me a little bit about the new release.

Ten songs with a bonus track and a DVD with four bonus tracks actually and 45 minutes of footage and interviews. I'm not going to tell stuff. That's the record label's job.

This is a do it yourself thing. You have to sell yourself. You have to whore and pimp yourself.

I'm trying. It's good. There you go. We like it.

What three songs on the record do you think represent the band the best?

I would say the first track which is "This Is A Love Song...For The Loveless", "Leave Like A Ghost", and the hidden track "Her Velvet Voice". I would say those three are the best cross section of what our band is all about.

You and Chad write all the lyrics together.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, we do.

What touring have you guys been doing for the record?

We are in the middle of our first. The second week we did an East Coast leg of the tour in support of the record and now we're on the West Coast leg and we're steering back towards home now. Probably I'd say we're in the middle of three months of touring on this record right now in America. Then we're going to go home for a little bit and then we're going to Europe as soon as the New Year ends and then I'm sure we'll come back to the States right after that.

How has the tour been going?

It's been good. It's been a good time. It's fun to play new songs. We were playing a lot of the same old songs for a while so it's nice to break out new songs.

Yeah, I can imagine since that's what you're supposed to be pushing anyway.


How's the record doing so far?

It's not doing too bad. I wouldn't mind if it was doing a little better. It's doing pretty good. The reaction is very, very positive. It's actually the strongest reactions that we've gotten to a record in a really long time so we're very encouraged and it's staying strong week to week. It's been doing really good, especially radio for the past month so that's pretty good.

You guys are a well traveled band.

We've been around a little while.

You guys do get a lot of radio airplay don't you?

Not as much. We've never really conquered radio and I wish that we had but we do okay in some cities. Not really a lot of radio airplay. No, not really.

Your music is really good for that.

We think so too but like I said we've done okay on radio but not wonderfully at all.

Have you done any videos?

We shot a video for the song on the record which is the first single and it's been getting some play here and there. That's the truth.

Well damn, it needs to get more play.


Any other thoughts or comments?

Thanks to our fans for sticking with us.

And ask for airplay of the songs and video.


The Juliana Theory