Tim Fluckey - Adema

July 27, 2007

Photo Credit: www.myspace.com/adema

I was at your show in Dallas.

Really? What did you think of it?

It was an awesome show.

Thank you very much.

It was an awesome show. One of you guys was sick I guess with food poisoning.

It was me.

It didnít even show. Everybody was so energetic.

Yeah, I yakked up though after the show. Iím still sick. It sucks but Iíll be all right.

What in the hell did you eat?

I donít know what it was. I think it was in Houston because halfway through the show in Houston I started feeling bad. Iíve had food poisoning before about two or three years ago. I went to Iraq and played for the troops. When we came back through Kuwait, I ate something in Kuwait and it gave me food poisoning for two weeks.

You poor thing.

Yeah, wah, wah. Other than that, everything is going pretty good out here.

The last time I did an interview with you guys, you had Luke as your vocalist. Then all of a sudden he was gone. What happened?

I donít really know. I donít know if he just wanted to do something else. Maybe he wasnít ready for it or it was too hard. Iím not trying to speak for him but he definitely decided that he didnít want to do it. He went back to his old band. It was definitely a blessing in disguise for us. At first we liked Luke, of course. Marky had left the band two weeks before we were supposed to do a record for Earache. We owed them a record so we felt obligated to make the record and of course it was under duress. It was a crazy record and in hindsight we probably shouldnít have done it but it did lead us to getting Bobby and Ed into the band. I think weíre on track again because weíve got the two guitars again so we sound better live. Then weíve got a singer that fits our band a lot more and puts on a live show and sonically sounds good live. I think we just lucked out.

Absolutely. How did you hook up with Bobby?

Thatís a funny story. We got back from Luke quitting the band and we didnít know what we were going to do. We had some people sniffing around wondering if Marky wanted to get back into the band. We considered that and talked to Marky but it just wasnít meant to be. Anyway, we did get an offer for a show in Alaska and we called Marky to do it and he agreed to do it and then the next day he flaked on us. Thatís as much as Iíll go into that. We wanted to do this show and we really needed something to give us a morale boost. It was in Alaska and so we thought it could be fun to go up there and just get away. We had known Bobby from his band opening up for us a couple of times. Ironically Marky was very into Bobby and his band. Thatís how we got introduced to Bobby and his whole band, through Marky. Itís an ironic kind of thing. We just called him up and asked him if he wanted to do it and he was gung ho. He went up there and did three shows and heís been in the band ever since.

Heís real energetic.


I noticed that heís got a good rapport with the crowd.

Yeah, thatís really what weíve been yearning for, for years. Thatís how we all are. It was like pulling teeth back in the day with some members that are no longer in the band, to treat the fans good. We just could never understand that. Itís good to have Ed and Bobby who are appreciative. Itís just good for us to have people in the band that think like us. The whole band is focused on showing the fans how much we appreciate them. It sounds corny but itís the truth.

Yeah, because your fans are your bread and butter.

Of course, but itís not just that. Itís all about why weíre out doing it in the first place. To have a connection with the crowd. Usually youíre lost in the numbers. How many records youíre selling and blah, blah, blah. Really in the end, itís about making that connection with the live crowd and sharing something with them. Thatís why we got into it.

I had reviewed Planets and I really loved that record.

It was good. Like I said, it was under duress. We had some good songs written. Chris and I and James were looking for singers. We wrote lyrics for the first time and that was a clusterfuck but we got through that and then Luke came in and wrote some. We just put 16 songs on the record.

Tell me about the new record you guys are putting out. Itís called Kill The Headlights.

Like I was saying earlier, the band is way more focused. Itís a 12 song record. We spent two years writing all the songs. The last record like I said was kind of thrown together. This record was more like the feel of our first record. The excitement of some guys who had never done this before. Going in and doing a lot of preproduction and making sure the songs were good. We loved every song and didnít have any qualms. We got a producer named Marshall Altman who helped us a lot. It was just good to be in that environment again. Got to go in and just start a record. Everyone said we made our best record. I think itís our best record. I think itís going to surprise a lot of people on how good it is. Weíve always been a band that tries to write good songs. I think itíll surprise people.

It probably has more of an edge to it this time around.

It does.

Why did you change record labels?

We had a one record deal with Earache and it just didnít go good with them. It just wasnít the right fit for the label and our band.

They have a lot heavier bands on their label.

Yeah, they do. They were taking a chance with us and tyirng to cross over to different styles of music and I donít think it worked out for them. It didnít work out for us either. Some things donít work out. Immortal is a way better fit for us. They focus on bands that are our style of band. Itís easy to work with them. They have the infrastructure already. We just wanted to make sure that we had all the tools in place to make the best record we could make.

The first single youíve released off of it is ďCold And JadedĒ. How did you decide on what song youíd release first?

It was pretty hard. Everybody had different ideas. It was pretty much an exchange of ideas back and forth. Thatís always an interesting journey. You want to be able to portray the record with one song with meaning so people can get it. I think in the end that song has a lot of the elements that are there throughout the record.

Are you guys doing any videos for the record?

I donít know. I really donít know. Videos are a weird medium especially for rock. They just donít get played a lot unless youíre just trying to bang in the charts. Itís a wait and see type thing with a band. We love doing videos. We would like to.

Thereís the YouTube thing going on now.

Yeah, we recorded some live stuff and put that on the Internet. Then weíre also trying to do a stream on the Internet of our shows. Thatíll be fun.

Howís the tour going thus far? I know you had some vehicular trouble.

Thatís right, yeah. Our RV broke down in the worst place and then we just got jacked around. So weíre just trucking across America.

I hope your tour manager isnít still stuck in El Paso.

He flew out here actually two days ago but he was there for about 10 days. He had to send somebody to drive it out to us.

Any other thoughts or comments?

I really appreciate it Angela. Every little bit helps.