Marty Larson-Xu & Kevin Sciou - Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers

July 27, 2005

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Tell me a little about your band.

Marty: We started when we were seventh graders in Eugene, Oregon. We've been playing ever since. We got our name from one of our favorite bands. An Australian punk band called Radio Birdman. They did a tour called Rock N Roll Soldiers. That's how it started and we didn't even know how to play our instruments when we started. We just decided we wanted to have a band and just worked it out from there. We were terrible at the time.

You guys eventually learned how to do your stuff, huh?

Marty: Yeah, I wouldn't say we're very talented right now but eventually through trial and error I guess we learned a little bit how to play. We started touring and that's that.

I haven't received your CD yet because it's apparently still getting mailed to me but I guess you guys play old school rock and roll.

Marty: Yeah, old school rock and roll. High energy rock. We try not to make it too old fashioned. Greater modern sensibility.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Marty: We're pretty diverse. Everybody's got different musical influences in this band I'd say. I like The Rolling Stones a lot. Kevin's pretty big on Mo-Town.

Kevin: Gotta include Cheap Trick, right?

Marty: Oh, we're huge on Cheap Trick. All sorts of stuff like that.

You guys released two EPs on vinyl.

Marty: Yeah, we did two EPs for Gearhead Records. They're in San Francisco and they were put together as a CD and then our real album comes out on Atlantic in January.

What's on the real album?

Marty: New songs.

Elaborate a little on that.

Marty: We recorded...well we're still in the process actually. We've about three more songs to go. They're just songs.

Tell me about some of the songs.

Marty: Some of the songs we write about growing up in Eugene.

So you guys write songs about partying, girls, and sex.

Marty: Not much, a little bit.

Kevin: No sex involved whatsoever. Sex is dirty.

Yeah, but no one sings about it anymore.

Kevin: Because it's dirty.

Since you're from France you aren't the original guitarist. So when did you come over here and why did you decide to join the band?

Kevin: I was forced to join the band.

Marty: He was stolen from his previous band.

Kevin: They roughened me up one night at a party and I woke up in a van on the road.

Marty: Butt naked.

Kevin: I had no way to go back to my old band. That was it.

And they eventually bought you clothes and you decided to stay with them.

Kevin: Eventually, yeah. It took a few months.

Marty: He's basically our sex slave.

That's dirty.

Kevin: That's why I told you we don't sing about that dirty thing. It's too personal.

How long have you guys been out on the road?

Marty: About nine months now. Quite a long time. We actually have a little time off in August and we hit the road again in September and then our album comes out in another 18 months.

Are you guys going to tour Europe? Maybe take Kevin back to France for a little bit?

Marty: We hope so.

Kevin: Oh, I can't go back to France.

Oh, you can't.

Kevin: They're looking for me there. That's why I came to America.

You aren't with the Al-Qaida now are you? Kevin: Nah. Of course not.

Marty: His ties are low level. He writes terrorist manuals and stuff like that.

Kevin: Small bar stories.

Have you guys had many people showing up at shows?

Marty: It depends. Places we've played over and over, we developed better crowds like in L.A. and San Francisco. Places we keep hitting. Out here in the Midwest not much. Except when we were opening for Kasabian. We were opening for them and the tour was doing great.

Those guys are cool. I've seen them twice now I think.

Marty: Yeah, they're great guys. We just played with them yesterday in Tulsa.

Have you guys been to Dallas before?

Marty: No, we've never played Dallas. We're not expecting a big turnout.

It will be nice and intimate for the few of us that will be here. You guys are out building a name for yourselves.

Marty: Yeah, exactly. You get out there and you just put an album out on a major label. It's better if people get to know you before that. People don't think that the label just thrust you out there. You're actually a band that's been touring for a while.

When did you guys get signed?

Marty: Probably about eight months or so. We did our EPs with Gearhead a while back and then we got signed off that and did some showcases since then. Atlantic's great too. Good label.

Yeah, they've been around for a while.

Marty: Yeah, they have. Quite a bit of history there.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Marty: Nothing I can think of off the top of my head. I need to get better at that.

Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers