Justin Longshore - Through The Eyes Of The Dead

July 26, 2007

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The last time I talked to you guys was in 2006 and you were playing in Arlington. Somebody had left the laptop back in South Carolina.

Yeah, I think I remember that. Thatís when we had our old singer. It was him actually.

What happened to him?

He had a lot of dedication issues that were overlooked all the time. We had to replace him just because he had problems showing up for practice. Just not being professional like everyone else was in the band. Thatís pretty much it.

Yeah, thatís enough to fuck you out of a job.


What all have you guys been up to between then and now?

A lot actually. We recorded a new record and in the meantime while we were recording, we were looking for a new singer actually so it was quite interesting being in the studio trying to find a singer. Prosthetic hooked up something where you could email us and audition. We had 10 or so pages of emails that we were looking at and Nate Johnson, our current singer, just auditioned with the track ďTwo Inches From The Main ArteryĒ and put his vocals over it. He definitely was the best one out of all of them.

Thatís great. Thatís been working out then.

Yeah, everything has worked out really great. He came into the studio and his first tour was Europe and it was quite crazy going straight from Europe in a new band with new faces. I think he did a great job because it was our first time in Europe as well and I think he did a great job of leaving an impression. Then we went straight to the Red Chord tour after that. It was pretty awesome.

How was that first European tour?

Honestly, the shows were a lot smaller just because weíve never got over there and we were so used to playing in the States. Itís just a completely different world over there. It was cool. We got our feet wet but I think next time will be a lot better. The shows werenít quite as good as we expected them to be but there were some good shows. We played with Dying Fetus over there and Skinless on a couple of dates as well. Those dates were really promising but we went over there with Ion Dissonance and Dead To Fall. Some shows were hit or miss but Iím glad we got to go over there. The reason Iím weird about it is just because so much shit happened. We were leaving straight from the studio with a new singer over there. He had a lot of issues getting his passport so we had to get it expedited. It was just a disaster. He was trying to track his vocals and then he had to go to Miami to get a passport. Then he got denied one time. I donít know. It was just a huge mess so we ended up getting everything organized and then we flew over there. Then they lost all of the luggage and gear which was traumatizing. After all weíve been through, then we lose all of our gear and luggage. We didnít have anything for five days. They finally end up sending it and we were miserable at first. Then things picked up and we were back and had our own gear and everything was cool after that. Weíve had a string of bad luck throughout the past couple of years but everything is going good now. We did the Red Chord tour and everything was perfect. I think we really deserved that. Everything went great. The shows were packed and the kids were awesome and we had a lot of fun.

Maybe the next time you guys go to Europe, hopefully youíll go with better known bands and do the whole tour with them.

Yeah, we definitely want to go back over there with a more established band. Dead To Fall is a great band but itís all of us. We arenít big enough to just go over there I donít think just yet. I think we need to go over with a more established band and get the name out.

Then you can go over there on your own.

Yeah, exactly.

Tell me about the new record Malice.

We recorded it in February. This one we actually had a lot of time to work with. Writing and recording as well and we had producer Erik Rutan who was in one of my all time favorite death metal bands, Morbid Angel, and currently in Hate Eternal. It was really cool working with him and getting to see his side of things. I think he really worked us and got the best performance out of all of us. It definitely shows on the record. You can just hear it. You listen to our old record and this one and itís worlds apart. Itís the same band but everything has progressed since. Weíve been waiting forever to record the record because we had a longer touring schedule before just getting our name out there. Itís pretty much the record that Iíve always wanted to write and record. Usually when I come out of the studio, Iím really burned out on the record and I donít want to hear it anymore. I hear all these mistakes but this one I can actually say that Iím really proud of and it wasnít rushed or anything like that. We had plenty of time to work with it and itís just our best material to date.

Isnít that funny? You can sit there and record a record and listen to it and say ďoh man, I fucked up here and I fucked up thereĒ and somebody else listens to it and just thinks itís awesome.

Yeah, exactly. Thatís always been an issue actually with old stuff. This one we actually over analyzed everything and made sure we got the best performance out of each and every one of us so Iím pretty happy with it. Pretty stoked on it and I think everyone else will be too hopefully. Weíre dying to get it out. Weíve been sitting on it for months. We did two tours already and everyone wanted to hear the record and so weíre here letting a few people hear it. People like it and dig it but we canít wait to get it out to the masses and see what everyone thinks. I think itís definitely a positive thing for the band and nothing but positivity has been going on lately.

Have you been playing some songs off of it on your tours?

Yeah, we play a couple. We play the single we just released, ďFailure In The FleshĒ which we actually just released a video for which weíre pretty stoked on. Weíve been playing another track off of it called ďPull The TriggerĒ. Weíll probably add another one on the next tour. Weíre doing a headlining tour with As Blood Runs Black and Ion Dissonance and Beneath The Massacre so weíll have two or three new ones playing and some old ones just to please everyone.

When are the masses going to get their hot little hands on the record?

Itíll be August 21st.

Not too long.

Yeah, not too long.

What three songs on the record do you like the best?

Honestly, usually I can pick that out really well. Of course ďFailure In The FleshĒ, the single we released, is one of my favorites and the last track is really cool. I really like the last track but overall I think I like the whole record. Itís just diverse and all the songs sound different and they add their own little thing to the record. Iím pretty into the whole thing actually, not to sound conceited or anything. I just love the record. Iím really proud of it.

How did you go about picking the two songs that you would play on your tour?

I donít know. It was pretty hard. We had a vote and we butted heads but we worked it out. I think we just tried to go with the songs that we would enjoy playing most live and what the crowd would enjoy hearing more. These are new songs and no one knows them. We got to sculpt it around what they would like so I think it worked out.

Yeah, some songs are more stage friendly than others I think.

Yeah, exactly.

Tell me about the video.

We just shot that right after the Red Chord tour. It was July 1st in Long Island with director David Brodsky. He works for this company called My Good Eye. Heís done stuff for Red Chord and God Forbid and Acacia Strain. Our management sent us an email asking us what we thought of him because E.J. at Prosthetic has worked with him before and we were really impressed with him. We shot him some ideas and he can be pretty much really flexible which I admired because I was really not a fan of the old video that we had. It was a really low budget, rough kind of video. I told myself I would never do a video in a warehouse but we ended up doing a video in a warehouse for the first video. We had to do it just because we were there and it was a last minute thing. It turned out all right but this next one we had to have a little fun with and thereís actually some acting going on. There are some zombies in there and some blood which is actually black goo that they had to do for MTV. Itís actually blood but the video part is in black and white.

You couldnít have blood on MTV?

Yeah, theyíre really particular about any type of image that they have, thatís degrading to women or any blood or anything like that, they canít show on MTV. Or MTV2 rather.

What the fuck about all those god damned rap videos?

Thatís what I was going to bring up. Obviously, I was thinking about that. I donít know. Itís weird but I guess itís better to be safe than sorry. The label said we had to have this certain type of thing and we did what we could with the actual video and maybe next time we can make an unedited version and we can put it up on MySpace or something and itíll be a lot cooler. I think it turned out great. Weíre really stoked on it and we actually had some acting in there which Iíve always wanted to have. We actually didnít act but we had actors in there. I think thatíd be cheesy if we actually acted and played in the video. Depends on how it was done. It turned out great and weíre definitely going to work with the same director, David, again. Heís really awesome. It was actually shot in Long Island, New York in this abandoned childrenís mental hospital which is kind of crazy and we did some shots in the woods and mosquitoes ate us. It was a lot of fun. A lot of bug spray going on which didnít work. Iíve still got a bunch of bug bites over me actually.

Iíve been told that if you take vitamin B1, that lessens the issue.

The next time we shoot a video out in the woods Iíll think about that.

Think about that and make sure you donít eat any bananas.

No bananas?

No bananas. For some reason if you eat bananas mosquitoes love you and I eat bananas.

Yeah, Iím into bananas as well.

Iím a big banana eater because that gives you so much potassium and then you donít have leg cramps and shit.

Yeah, exactly and bananas are awesome in cereal too.

Absolutely. Itís like bananas or mosquitoes. Bananas or mosquitoes. Iíll go with bananas.


What kind of touring are you guys up to now?

Weíre doing the headlining tour right before the release of the record. Itís the Malice U.S. tour. Itís going to be with As Blood Runs Black, Beneath The Massacre, and Ion Dissonance. Itís just going to be all secondary markets. Weíre not playing the huger cities like we normally do. Like weíve been doing a lot lately. Weíre focusing on the smaller venues on this tour and playing venues we havenít played in a year or so which a lot of people are really excited about. Myself as well. I think it would be really cool to pack out these little venues and play the smaller cities that have been overlooked. Itís not really our fault but our booking agent has this specific routing usually for every tour. Then we have a huge tour in the fall which I cannot announce yet or Iím going to get in major trouble but we should be announcing that shortly on MySpace. Sometime next month weíll be able to announce it but itís a pretty big tour and itís going to be all full U.S. so itíll be cool. Then weíre going back to Europe but we donít know with who yet. Everything is coming together nicely and weíre just planning it out.

It sounds like things are going good for you guys.

Oh, yeah. I canít complain.

And no one is leaving the laptop at home.

Oh, no. We actually all have laptops now. Thatís someone elseís issue if they forget it.

With the success of the first record, everyone has their own personal laptop.

Yeah. Work has paid off.

Iím glad that things are going so great for you guys.

Thank you. We are, too.

Any other thoughts or comments?

Just check out the record August 21st. Malice. You can preorder it out of www.prostheticrecords.com right now and theyíre doing a t-shirt package deal. Check us out on MySpace. Itís www.myspace.com/tteotd and the website is www.throughtheeyesofthedead.net.

Through The Eyes Of the Dead